Looking For A Website Re-Design

Looking For A Website Re-Design?Looking For A Website Re-Design Inspiration?

Who is looking for a website re-design?  Let me ask a question, when was the last time your website was re-designed?

OK, let me ask a different question, when was the last time you re-painted your rooms in the house?

Websites are like rooms in many ways, they can get tired, dull and look aged. Keeping a website fresh and attractive is something that is growing ever more important in today’s media world.

Design trends are like fashion, a new design one day can look tired and dated in a years time.

It Is Your Shop Window

Websites are your advert to the world ‘come in, have a look around, this is what we are about’ they are your shop window.

In the same way that shop dresses their windows to encourage customers to come in and browse their goods.  You need to ensure that your website is attractive and clear that customers will want to come in and make themselves comfortable.

As technology changes, we all subconsciously notice, from the websites we see (such as news websites, Facebook etc.).

Getting people to feel comfortable with your website means that you need to be up to date with technology and design.

Website Load Speed

When looking for a website re-design you need to consider your websites load speed.

A big part of internet marketing is your websites load speed, which is linked to your design, images and hosting.

Clear Site Navigation

How clear is your website, are the navigation menus easy to follow?

A lot of websites have the problem of not being clear. Most visitors to a website will give it 1-2 seconds before loosing interest. During that time, the following questions are asked (yes, in those 1-2 seconds):

Do I like the look of this website? What does the website offer/sell? Who are they (the company/brand)? Where are they (UK, American, usually a phone number answers that question)? Is the website new or old (relevant or spammy)?

Clear navigation on a website will normally answer many of the questions above. There are some very ‘arty’ websites that have music, lots of images, that look very modern, but are not clear. A line needs to be drawn between having a modern attractive website, and one that is confusing.

Websites And Search Engines

Search engines are growing much more picky about what websites they like and what websites they do not like.

Search engines will look at a website (not just at it’s coding or meta tag data) and make judgments.

Keeping a website fresh and up to date is important in order to keep high rankings.

There have been websites that have had their PR lifted (page rank) just from a website re-design.

Another factor to consider is what platform your website is built on (Joomla, WordPress etc.).

When Looking For A Website Re-Design, What Is The Cost?

So, we have all agreed that it is a good idea to have a fresh coat of paint on the website every once and a while?  This does not have to be every year, but a year is a good plumb line to use.

If your content is untouched, and the ‘guts’ of the website are untouched, then a refresh could cost around £500 upwards (depending on the size of the website).

You can get a design cheaper, but as mentioned in previous blog posts, getting a cheap design will make it look, well, cheap.  It is wise to shop around though as website design prices do vary considerably from agency to agency.

If you would like to get a few quotes from local website designers that know your industry, then just fill in one of the quote forms on the site.

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