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There are over 70 marketing companies in and around Northampton.  They range in their disciplines, from website design, telemarketing up to full service agencies that have all resources internally.

Thanks to the university of Northampton, new creatives are always coming into the area, some starting their own marketing agencies.

The difficulty is finding the ‘right’ agency for your particular business.  Not all agencies are the same.  Some are well established with a track record of happy clients, some are startup companies.  Some are experts in a specific marketing niche, some are multi disciplined.

Even with the internet, there is too much choice.  There are nearly 100 website designers in Northampton, many of which as freelancers or small studios.  If you needed media support, there are a number of PR agencies in Northampton that can help.

Choose the wrong agency, and it could cost you thousands, or even worse, cause damage to your brand.

That is where we at Marketing Quotes come in, to help you find the best agency for your company.  Just fill in the form to get quotes from a few marketing companies in Northampton that know your industry sector.

Sector Experience Does Matter

If you are a dog walker, would it make sense you using an agency that has a strong client base in the fragrance sector?

Unlikely.  We do advise you using an agency that has an understanding of your market sector.

Marketing is all about communication, as you know it is difficult to communicate a message that you do not fully understand.

How well do they know your market, your brand, your competitors?

Meetings Really Help In Gaining Understanding

We live in the days of Zoom calls, telephones and the internet, however a good old fashioned face to face meeting is still wise.

Many marketing companies around Northampton (and the UK for that matter) are ‘award winning’ and websites boast them being ‘the UK’s number 1 marketing company’.  Many are Google Approved, giving the impression they are the choice to go with.  However how can you be sure they are the best unless you meet them.

A meeting gives you a chance to put a face to the name.  Hopefully they are not working from their bedroom and the fancy offices are real.

You can meet the team, quiz them about their industry knowledge.  You can ask them about their knowledge of your business and if they can put together a marketing strategy for you.

Review meetings are also helpful.  The agency are much more likely to work hard if they know they have a review meeting coming up.

Being based in Northampton, why would you work with an agency based in London, Scotland or even another country?  You have no control over them, and chances are, you will never get to meet them.

Compare Multiple Marketing Quotes

The reality is that all agencies set their own fee structure.  This is based on their overheads, staff costs and profit margins.

An expensive agency is not a guarantee of getting better results, you do not get what you pay for when it comes to marketing.  However going with the cheapest agency is unwise, one cannot use price as a guide on marketing.

As above, we feel choosing a marketing company needs to be done based on experience, location and chemistry.

Just fill in the form and let us help you get a few quotes from local marketing companies in Northampton that know your industry sector.

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