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There are over 20 PR agencies in Northampton.  Ranging from smaller marketing agencies and freelancers, up to large full service agencies.  

They offer a range of marketing services such as branding and advertising.  

There are also a few PR companies in Northampton that have a specific industry focus.  

In addition there are a number of website designers in Northampton that can help you with online and social media exposure.  

Should you not find someone local, there are a few PR agencies in Corby that could be of interest to talk with.

There are in addition a number of marketing agencies in Northampton that can offer PR along with other marketing support services.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from 5 local PR companies in Northampton that know your industry sector. 

Working With Someone Local

As there is such a diversity of PR agencies in Northampton, it makes good sense to select one that is local, rather than one that is hundreds of miles away.  

Working with someone local means it is far easier to communicate and arrange meetings.  

In particular any necessary review meetings, to assess how the campaign is going and how the results are impacting the business.  

Most have their own experience and normally this is based in specific industries, eg medical, defence or construction.  So care needs to be taken in selecting an agency that fits with your business.  

An initial meeting does serve as a good opportunity to talk through market knowledge and case studies.  To establish how suitable the agency is for your business.

Compare Quotes

There are no industry standard rates for public relations.  All PR companies in Northampton charge their own rates based on their profit margins, their overheads and the number of staff they have.  

As such is it wise to shop around and compare PR prices in order to establish what is a reasonable amount to pay.  Some companies charge per month, some per project, so it is necessary to define things carefully.

A Glance At Northampton

Northampton is the county town of Northamptonshire, and has a history going back to the sixth century.  

It remained a small unobtrusive town until the Normans took it over, and surrounded it with walls and built a castle there in the eleventh century.  

The Domesday Book recorded it as having 300 houses and 1500 residents. Historically Northampton was known for its leather industry, and in particular shoe making.  

However in recent years, due to the central location of the city and good road links.  

It has become a hub for businesses of all kinds, in all sorts of industries.  

Northampton now has a growing university, The University Of Northampton, and a population of over 200,000 according to council information.

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