Setting Up A Marketing Campaign

Setting Up A Marketing CampaignYour Successful Marketing Campaign

One thing we have found in recent weeks is companies that approach us asking for help in setting up a marketing campaign.

This can be very simple, however it needs planning in order to be successful.

Like many things, good preperation is needed in order to avoid dissapointment and unnecessary spending of hard earned money.

These are some helpful tips to consider before engaging an agency to conduct the promotional activity you need:

  1. What are the objectives?
  2. What are your budgets?
  3. What are your timescales?
  4. What are your markets?
  5. What is your marketing strategy?

Most creative agencies do assume that you have considered these before contacting them.  It is an important part of your marketing campaign from the start.

One thing that is helpful is using an agency that knows your market place.  Have they worked for similar companies to yours in the past?  Do they know your products/services?

What Is A Marketing Campaign?

Marketing campaigns are organized, strategy efforts to promote a specific company goal. That can include raising brand awareness of a new product or capturing customer feedback.  If you are a service it could be to look at where your competition are and what you can do differently?

They typically involve a combination of media, including email, print advertising, television or radio advertising, pay-per-click, and social media.

Sitting down with a marketing company to put together a marketing campaign is wise, as the agency should be able to work you through the following steps.

What Are Your Goals?

Setting up a marketing campaign begins with setting up your goals, or objectives.

Like building a house, it all starts with planning.  Having a strong foundation is key, and the same can be transferred to marketing.

Consider Your Overall Budget

Having a realistic budget is important, marketing is expensive and you need to be realistic about you daily or monthly budget.

What are your competitors doing with their marketing, do you know how much they spend?

Have you spoke to similar companies or friends about budgets.

It is always best to start off small, then build from there.  Rome was not built in a day.

Defining Your Target Audience

You know who your customers are, who your ideal customers are.

Each company will have an ‘ideal customer’ the right size and with the right budget.  For example, a website designer wants to get clients in the medical sector, for websites that are £30,000 upwards.  Targeting the medical sector is one thing, but if the websites are priced at less than £5,000 then they are not a good fit.

Defining and reaching the right target audience is important.

Develop Your Message

We live in a digital world, so in most cases, your message needs to be digital.  This could be on your website, via email or via social media.

Every business is different and each one will have a unique message to communicate.

Your message needs to be clear and concise, targeted towards your key target audience.

Your message needs to be strong and well put together in good English grammar.

Develop Your Message

As your marketing ticks on, your marketing message may well need to be developed as your business evolves.

Working with a marketing agency to this point is important as you look to develop your marketing message to your target audience.

Analysing Data Or Results

Whether you are carrying out a digital marketing campaign or traditional one, analysing your results is important.

Google AdWords has quite a sophisticated reporting system which can be looked at per day, week or month.

Analysing your results is important in order to adapt your marketing campaign or optimising it to generate you the best results.

Knowing where you marketing is going by analysing the results can help you develop it moving forwards.

Social Media Is The New Marketing Tool

Since 2004 when Facebook launched, we have seen the birth of social media and the dramatic change in the world of marketing.

Now in 2023, thanks to COVID, we have seen sites like TikTok boom with people sharing what they are eating for dinner (some being paid over £3,000 a month as ‘social media influencers’,

Many people have now started a career as a social media influencer full time.

Marketing Budget

Have you thought about how much it is going to cost?  All marketing agencies do need to know the budget you have so as to know how much resource they need to put into your marketing campaign.

All forms of promotion are different, a little like different weapons.  Each ‘weapon’ is different and needs to be used in a specific way for a specific purpose.  Creative services are the same, each is effective in a particular way and for a particular business.

For some businesses, TV advertising is the best form of advertising, for others, paid advertising on search engines like Google is the best.  It is good to take time and think about the ‘marketing vehicle’ that would be best for your business, and then talk to an experienced agency that knows about your market sector.

Agencies will be better equipped to be able to help you to generate more business in your industry.

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