Marketing Trends In 2024

Marketing Trends In 2024What Are The Marketing Trends In 2024?

The marketing trends in 2024 are a mixture or technology and human focused approaches, as the world of marketing has been disrupted by the social media bomb.

It is that time of year when brands both large and small are trying to forecast what is the best form of marketing for their business.

Sadly there is no silver bullet, all form of marketing work, but not all forms of marketing work well for all companies.

Since the 1940’s, TV advertising has grown and grown, and works well for many companies, but not all.  It is very expensive, putting it out of reach for small companies and startups.

AI Driven Marketing

For years, search engines has been monitoring out trends.  What websites we visit, what time of day we are online, what social media websites we use, who we look at.  WhatsApp store conversations knowing who we are talking to and what topics we are talking about.

Re-marketing is old now, but is 100% AI driven.  Re-marketing means if you visit a website, then that website will follow you as an advert offering their products/services (popular on news websites, YouTube etc.).

We all know about website ‘cookies’, but do we understand them?  Cookies are you giving permission for the website to track you, not something any of us wants, but we have to accept and websites have to notify you by law.

Social Media Influencers

Since the COVID lockdowns of 2020, many people have become social media influencers.

This could be someone eating dinner, skipping, talking about dating problems, dancing to trending music, reviewing burgers, the list goes on.

There is most likely a career option to become a social media influencer with a university course likely to follow.

Some of the top influencers in the USA boast of earning tens of thousands a month from views and comments on platforms like Tik Tok.

Instagram was the trailblazer for this form of marketing, with Kim Kardashian leading the way with pictures, the world has moved on from these early days.

Video Based Marketing

Youtube has been around since the early 2000’s and is still used by millions for streaming videos, messages and marketing material.

This is the heart of social media platforms like Tik Tok as it captures a viewers attention much better than a static picture like those found on websites like Instagram.

Live streaming is also a very popular marketing trend in 20204, even if goofs are made during filming, often adding value than a fully edited video.

TV Advertising

Although the TV has been with us for over half a century, it is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing.

It is very expensive but can be very effective, both for building brand recognition (like the Christmas Coca Cola adverts), to charities making appeals for donations (The Salvation Army, UNICEF, Children In Need, Oxfam are all popular adverts we will know).

TV adverts do not use AI, but can be targeted to locations and timings throughout the day to capture age categories and genders.

Internet Advertising

Most companies use the internet to attract customers, from buying funerals to selling a business, people turn to the internet if they are looking for something.

Amazon could not exist without their web platform, and found their success in the early days of the internet, to major growth since the 2020 lockdowns.

Google regularly changes it’s search algorithm as technology moves on and websites develop.

New companies struggle to be found, as they are competing with already established brands.  Older brands struggle to be found as their websites use older website technology.

Paid media is very popular as is the heart of how search engines are funded, but internet advertising has become much more complicated since the early days of the web.

Direct Marketing

People buy from people, although this was the case back in the day.  Since most of us do not like to be sold to, how effective is direct marketing in the digital age?

Reaching out to customers directly via telemarketing or a face to face meeting has been popular for decades, but is a niche all of it’s own and is a common marketing trend in 2024.

However as technology now plays such a centre stage with marketing, is direct marketing on it’s way out?

Traditional Vs New Age Digital

There are tens of thousands of marketing companies in the UK, offering traditional forms of marketing to brand new forms of marketing (such as influencer marketing agencies).

As mentioned, all forms of marketing do work, but depending on your product/service, finding the right form of marketing is important.

If you are a builder, using telemarketing and the internet is the ideal, since your being both pro-active and re-active in your marketing.

If you are a funeral home, using localised marketing is better than advertising on TV.

Marketing trends in 2024 are developing, as the internet era moves on from chapter to chapter.

Not too long ago, fax machines were used, and since social media has landed, how many companies have a fax machine?

Looking To The Future

The world of marketing is constantly evolving, and the trends of marketing in 2024 will be different to those in 2023.

We can say for sure as we go through the year and look towards 2025, will the marketing trends of 2025 be any different?  Quite likely yes, as AI technology settles in and new technology replaces our technology of today.

We have seen this most strongly with mobile phones, who could have imagined our smart phones when we were switching out Nokia 6210 cases to the latest colours?

Marketing trends are evolving and it seems they are evolving quicker as time progresses.

Marketing has been around for thousands of years, the Romans used marketing to communicate to their newly conquered countries to let them know they were in charge.

The vehicles of marketing is what changes, what vehicles of marketing work for your business?  Chances are, the type of marketing that worked for you then, will not work for you now, or in the future are marketing trends continue to evolve.

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