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There are nearly 20 PPC companies in the Bristol area, many of which are smaller agencies and freelancers.

As with any marketing company in Bristol, we always advise using someone local.

Thanks to Bristol University, new marketing talent is always coming through.

There are a few PPC companies in the town that are centralised and have established offices.  A good number of web designers in Bristol offer PPC along with SEO.

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What About Industry experience?

The main thing about pay per click is experience in knowing how Google Adwords works.  There are lots of things to tweek such as timings of ad appearance, location etc.

However industry experience is something that does factor in, mainly for knowing what keywords to target.  Long tail, short tail, variables, negative keywords etc.

If the agency has worked in your sector in the past (medical, engineering, retail) then they would logically be a better choice than someone that has never worked in your market.

This is where we at Marketing Quotes can help, by putting you in touch with a few PPC agencies in Bristol that have worked in your sector.

A Meeting Might Be Helpful

Meetings do play a valuable roll as regards communication.  Whist Zoom meetings are becoming more popular with the onset of COVID-19, some areas of communication may be lost.

Many PPC advertising agencies do make claims on their websites of being ‘the UK’s number 1 PPC agency’ or a certified Google Partner.  Even Google suggests PPC companies ‘standing out’ with a badge on their website.

A meeting also gives you a chance to meet the team, get to know your account manager and assess whether they really know your business and goals.

Another thing you can do is suss out their experience.

How long have they been established?  Did you want to work with a brand new PPC company that has no track record?

Consider Re-Marketing And Social Media

PPC has moved on generations since it first appeared back in the early days of Google.

Your adverts can now follow previous visitors on ‘partner websites’ or social media platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin.

Advertising on Google can be expensive, but re-marketing and social media marketing options are quite a bit cheaper.

Another thing to consider is other search engines such as Duck Duck Go or Bing.

Compare Prices From Local PPC Agencies

Like all marketing agencies, PPC companies in Bristol set their own prices.

You have your charges from the search engines (the cost per click), but the monthly management fees that agencies charge are set by themselves.

This is based on their overheads (staff costs, rent etc.) and also their profit margins.

We want to help you find the ‘right’ PPC company in Bristol for your business.

PPC prices do vary, the cheapest agency may not necessarily be the best, however the most expensive offer no guarantees of being the best.

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