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Radio advertising can trace its roots back to 1900, and since then it has grown and grown as an important advertising medium.  

People believe the first radio advert was by AT&T.

Many UK businesses use radio advertising, both locally and nationally, to market their products and gain industry exposure.

Why Advertise On The Radio?

This is often overlooked as a marketing tool owing to the advancement of technology, TV advertising, internet advertising and other forms of digital advertising.

However, it still plays an important role not just in our society (if there were no adverts there would be no radio) but in how businesses reach out and communicate their message.

The very fact that companies can target locally and regionally makes radio a very versatile and powerful marketing tool.  

It is great for brand awareness as well as direct selling.

Most people listen to the radio from time to time; whether it is in the car, at work or at home.  Whether it is music on Radio 1 or the today show on Radio 4.

Most of us do feel there are too many adverts.

However, in fact adverts only take up around 6% of the airtime, which is a small amount, put into context.

Advertisers are able to have their adverts heard throughout the day, and if done right, the message will stick.

Who Uses This Form Of Advertising?

All kinds of businesses use radio advertising; from small local builders, decorators, and car valeting firms, to banks and insurance companies as well.

Any kind of company can advertise on the radio; there are no rules or restrictions.

How Much Does Advertising On The Radio Cost?

The cost of advertising on the radio varies as it falls into two factors:

  • The cost of the airtime – number of seconds your advert plays, and number of times it is repeated
  • The advert – getting the advert set up with voice over, music, etc; Advertising companies can set this up.

Some adverts stand out more than others; some are timeless and some are forgotten within minutes.

The best way to get an advert set up and that is remembered is firstly to talk to an advertising agency about it.

While radio advertising can be very effective when it is done right; if it is done wrong, it can be a total waste of money.

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