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There are over 20 SEO agencies in Canterbury, as well as many website designers in Canterbury that offer SEO along with their design services.

The difficulty you face is choosing the ‘right’ SEO company for your business.  Do you use a freelancer, or a Google certified agency?

Choosing the right SEO company is difficult, as most agencies claim to be ‘award winning’ or ‘the UK’s top SEO company’.

This is where we at Marketing Quotes aim to help, by getting you quotes from a few local SEO companies in Canterbury that know your industry sector.

Just fill in the form and let us help you.

Some Helpful Advice

We feel that sector experience is helpful in working together.  If they know your industry, they will have a better understanding of your needs, how your sector works, and what your competitors are doing.

You want to climb online up the major search engines like Google and Bing, which is all based around the keywords you need to rank for.  If the agency knows your industry, they will have a better idea of the kind of long tail and short tail keywords, specifically less competitive ones.

Knowledge is power, as it has been said before, therefore choosing an agency that is well established is wise.  Some startup SEO agencies are set up by experienced SEO people, or ex Google staff, however this is a risk.  Choosing a well established agency is wise.

Having a look through their client list is wise, however they are in control of their websites, it may well be marketing hype, so meeting them is suggested.

Some Points To Consider

When talking to a few SEO companies in Canterbury, there are a few things to consider:

  • What kind of SEO do you need?

There are 3 main areas of SEO that need to be factored in.

Firstly is onsite SEO.  This is the actual content of your website, making sure your keywords are appearing on each page and are evenly distributed throughout.  Also that content is relevant and is being added to regularly via a blog or just generally building content.

Second is offsite SEO.  This is generally considered as link building (done through platforms like MOZ or SEM Rush).  Other forms are guest posting on other websites, getting a Wikipedia page and posting on social media platforms.

Thirdly is technical SEO and this is more to do with the inner workings of your website.  This is making sure your website meets the technical standards of search engines (which do change as technology moves on).  A lot of the SEO metrics are based around mobile use now over desktop.  Having a responsive website is now where you need to be.

Talking with a few SEO companies in Canterbury is important as some agencies are better than others.

  • Keyword Research

These are the actual search terms you want to be found for on the search engines ‘plumbers in Canterbury’ is an example.

Depending on how competitive your sector and location is will relate to how long it takes you to climb the search engines.

Different people will find you via different search terms, so talking to SEO companies in Canterbury about any variations is wise.

  • Work Involved

How much time do you need committed each month, do you need a couple of days spread over a month, or something more full time?

If you are in a super competitive industry (insurance for example), you may need a lot of work involved.  If you are a new business, you will have some catching up to do against your competition.

Meetings Are Helpful

When looking at SEO companies in Canterbury, meetings are helpful for a number of reasons.

  • Check the claims on their website are real.
  • Meet the team and see what the offices are like
  • Look over your Google Analytics together
  • Analyse your site on a SERPS monitor like SEM Rush
  • Set performance goals
  • Review meetings every 3 months

A big part of SEO these days is social media marketing.  A meeting gives you the chance to discuss which social media websites to go for (or you could tweet on all of them) and their knowledge of SMM.  Sites like Linkedin are more professional, Tik Tok is more for fun, all are different in their own ways.

We have put together some SEO advice and tips if you wanted to know more.

Since COVID-19 meetings are less popular over a ZOOM meeting, however you do get better communication at a face to face meeting.

Since there are so many SEO agencies in Kent, choosing the right one is hard.  All their websites look attractive, and all profess to being the best.  We feel a meeting allows you the chance to cut through the marketing and find one you are comfortable working with as a partner.

Compare Multiple SEO Companies In Canterbury

Whether you decide to go with a web designer that has SEO resources, or a pure SEO company, comparing quotes is essential.

All agencies set their own monthly rates, therefore SEO prices will vary considerably, by many thousands of pounds.

The most expensive SEO agency in Canterbury does not make them the best.

We want to help you find the best agency for your particular business.  Just fill in the form and let us help you.

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