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There are around 50 website designers in Canterbury, some of which are smaller web design studios, and some that are freelancers working from rented offices or homes.

Canterbury has around 15 marketing companies which offer website design services as part of a wider range of marketing services such as branding, graphic design and advertising.

Talking with web experts in Canterbury is something we can help you with.  There are also a number of PR companies in Canterbury that can help you get media support should you need it.

Just fill in the form to receive free quotes and advice from local web design companies in Canterbury.

Choosing A Designer

There are hundreds of web designers in Kent and many around Canterbury for local businesses to choose from, so working with a designer that is several hours drive outside the city is really not necessary.

Although website design can be done remotely, meeting up with the web designer is always good, partly to ensure they are what they claim to be on their website (you never know these days!); but also to sit down and discuss ideas, designs and strategies.

As there are so many website companies around London and Kent, it also makes good sense to select one that knows your industry and market, through having made sites for similar enterprises before. This could make all the difference between a great site, and a great site which brings the custom you are looking for.

Choosing someone that is the right ‘size’ is also important; if your business is large or international, then choosing a freelancer may not be the best route.

Consider Your Marketing

Once you get your website set up, the real hard work starts.  You need to get people to it, so you need to consider your marketing.

This is a two pronged approach, in the short term, and the long.

Short term, PPC advertising is advised, so you are appearing on the search engines right away for your chosen keywords.  Some website designers in Canterbury do offer PPC, but not very many since it is quite a unique and new form of marketing.  We can help you get a few quotes together from specialist PPC agencies in Canterbury to get you found.

Long term, you need to appear on the organic search engine results.  This is called search engine optimisation (or SEO for short).  This will allow people to find you online without you paying for them.

SEO is quite a specialist and complicated form of marketing, however is necessary.  We can get you quotes from a few SEO companies in Canterbury to help you be found and found again.

Compare Prices Today

One thing to bear in mind when comparing quotes and website design prices, is that all web designers are in business to make money.

Comparing quotes is the only way to get a feel for what is a reasonable price to pay (a fair price for a fair days work) and prevent overspending.  All agencies set their own rates. so web design prices will vary considerably.

If you are looking for a cheap website then a freelancer will be best to talk to; if you are looking for a more in depth e-commerce website, then a larger agency with more facilities available will be more appropriate.

For free advice and quotes from several local web design agencies in Canterbury, without obligation,  just fill in the form opposite.

A Few Words About Canterbury

This ancient city is in the north of Kent; the population is around 50,000.

The name ‘Canterbury’ is said to come from an old English word ‘Cantwareburh’, meaning ‘Kent’s people’s stronghold’. The Archbishop Of Canterbury is the head of the Church Of England, and this dates back to the founding of an Episcopal seen by St Augustine in 597 AD.

In 1348 the Black Death hit the city hard, bringing it’s population down from 10,000 to 3,000. During the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381, the Earl of Sudbury was captured during prayer and taken to London where he was beheaded.  He is still remembered in the city.

As the city is so close to the southern coasts, the city was hit badly by air raids during the first and second World Wars, and in 1917 a German bomber crash landed in the city, near Broad Oak Road.

In 1980 the city had a visit from both Queen Elizabeth II and Pope John Paul II, leading to the Canterbury Festival.

It had around 5,000 registered businesses.

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