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There are over 20 SEO companies in Newcastle, from freelancers working from home, to website designers in Newcastle that offer SEO alongside their design services.

The issue many businesses face is which agency to choose.  A freelancer, a small agency, a Google Partner agency that is multi award winning?

This is where we at Marketing Quotes can help, by getting you a few quotes from local SEO companies in Newcastle that know your industry sector.

Experience Counts

How well does the agency know your business, how well do they know your industry sector?  Do they know who your competitors are?

These are important issues when it comes to running an effective SEO campaign.

If you are a pet food company, you will be targeting a range of keywords in order to rank higher on the search engines.  Some of these will be highly competitive, and some will not be.  It is important for you to rank for as many keywords as possible in order to get as much website traffic as possible.

Another thing to consider as well as sector experience is how long they have been established.  If they are a new agency, they may still be on a learning process.  If they are a well established agency, they should know their way around Google Analytics, around Search Console and how to get you climbing the search engines quickly.

The downside of using an established SEO company is that they will cost more.

A Meeting Is Helpful

One thing we always advise is to have a face to face meeting.  This is a major benefit with an SEO company in Newcastle rather than someone who is hundreds of miles away.

A meeting gives you the chance to meet the team, have a look around their offices and ask about any specific claims they make on their website.  Many agencies claim to be the ‘top UK SEO company’, this can be questioned at a meeting.

Review meetings are also good, we have found that agencies are more likely to perform for you if they know that they are due to have a meeting with you.

Compare Multiple SEO Companies In Newcastle

SEO prices do vary.  All marketing agencies in Newcastle are independent, all set their own monthly fees.  Some insist on a contract, some do not and just have a rolling monthly contract.

With marketing, you sadly do not get what you pay for.  The most expensive SEO company in London is not necessarily going to be the best one for you.  Even if they have endless client testimonials on their website, or work with leading global brands, they may not be right.

As we have looked at above, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding which SEO company in Newcastle to work with.  The monthly price is important, but not the deciding factor.

We feel you need to consider the agencies experience, their industry knowledge, and also the chemistry between you.  At the meeting, did you get a feeling of peace, do you feel they know their craft?

We want to help you find the ‘right’ agency for your business, not necessarily the cheapest.  The one that can get you up the search engines the quickest using genuine SEO skills (not black hat SEO tricks).

Just fill in the form to get get free quotes from a few local SEO companies in Newcastle that know your industry sector.

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