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There are over 400 SEO companies in London, ranging in their size and experience, from  freelancers up to well established agencies that have offices globally.

The problem is which agency do you select.

This is where we at Marketing Quotes can help, by helping you find the ‘right’ agency for your business.

Meetings Are Advised Where Possible

COVID-19 has made meetings difficult, however where possible having a face to face contact is advised.

Many SEO companies in London have very modern responsive websites.  They show well dressed staff working in modern offices and lots of testimonials.  Many boast Google Partner status and multi award winning.

How do you know the offices on their website are theirs.  They could be based in France and using a virtual office.

How long have the agency been established?

Did you want to work with a newly established SEO company that does not have a track record?

A meeting gives you a chance to ask them about their background.  A chance to meet their staff, see their offices and check that the claims on their website are true.

Industry Experience Is Important

Experience in SEO is important, but do they know your industry sector?  Do they know your products/services?  Do they know your competitors?

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes.

If they know your industry, they should know what kind of keywords you need to rank for.

Full SEO Is Needed

The agency should be able to go through your website to make sure your onsite SEO is good or if it needs improvement.

SEO is split between on site and off site.

They should be able to help you produce new content on your website.  Content is still king.

Link building is only part of an SEO campaign, there are a range of things that need done to help you climb online up the search engines.

Social media marketing has become a big part of SEO in recent years.

Since there are an ever growing number of social media website, being social is part and parcel of SEO now.

Facebook was one of the first social media sites to launch in 2004, but the list is growing, all different in their own way.

Compare Quotes From SEO Companies In London Today

All agencies set their own rates, based on their running costs and profit margins.  For this reasons SEO prices do vary considerably from all marketing companies around London.

We want to help you find the ‘right’ SEO agency for your company, for your brand.

Just fill in the form and let us help you.

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