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SEO Companies In LeedsAre You Looking For An SEO Company In Leeds?

There are over 30 SEO companies in Leeds.  As you are based in Leeds, why not speak with website optimisation companies that are also in Leeds; as they are local it only makes sense.  

This way you can meet with them and ensure that they are all they claim on their website.  

If you would like to get a few quotes from website optimisation agencies in Leeds, just fill in the form opposite.

Why Use An SEO Agency In Leeds?

As you are based in Leeds, it only makes practical sense to work with an optimisation agency that is also located in Leeds.  

They are local and you can meet them without taking a whole day out of the office. 

A face to face meeting is always good as it allows for better communication and understanding to be communicated both ways.

Many SEO companies in Leeds do work with customers right across the UK, but local is always better.  There is an accountability if you are meeting them once or twice a month.

Things To Discuss

First and foremost, you need to assess how much SEO work is needed to get you to where you want to be.  This being on page 1 of the search engines.

An SEO company in Leeds will firstly do an SEO audit on your website.  This would be to gauge the SEO score of your website, what technical issues there may be, 404 pages, missing META data etc.

There are three areas of SEO that you will need to reflect on.

  1. Onsite SEO – This would be looking at what improvements or changes need to be done on your website.  If your website is mobile friendly.  If there are any issues such as ‘404 page cannot be found’ or broken internal links.  How often are new pages added to the website or blog posts being created.
  2. Offsite SEO – This would be building links, new websites that link to you.  Generally higher authority websites are bast, such as the BBC or Wikipedia.  Social media also plays a big part of offsite SEO.
  3. Technical SEO – This involves making sure your website meets the technical requirements that the search engines require.  As the internet develops and search evolves, technical requirements do and will continue to change.

SEO companies in Leeds should be very open to discussing what tools they will use to get you from point A to point B.  Many do not like to disclose exactly what they do, in fear you will do it yourself.

There are different forms of SEO.  White hat, grey hat and black hat.

You want to ensure that any SEO company in Leeds you engage with is using white hat SEO, as this is what will be accepted by the search engines.  Grey and black are basically manipulating (or cheating) in order to get you ranked quicker by tricking the search engine algorithm.  This could involve using ‘link farms’ to get you lots of backlinks.

The Importance Of Mobile

Any SEO agency in Leeds worth their salt will advise that your website has to be mobile friendly, ideally being ‘responsive’ to mobile devices.

As new software updates are released and new smartphones are brought onto the market, each website needs to be adjusted to load correctly (or a mobile version).

Search engines now have shifted from desktop to mobile as they rank each website, meaning everything has to be done with mobile in mind.

Select Someone That Knows Your Industry

As there are many SEO agencies in Leeds (over 30), selecting one that knows your industry is a wise move. 

All marketing agencies in Leeds are different and all have different experience based on their previous clients.  So selecting one that knows your industry is only logical (whether it is IT, engineering, politics, law enforcement etc.).

Google is always changing it’s algorithm, therefore you do need to ensure that you use an agency that is very knowledgable in doing SEO for your kind of website.

Some SEO companies in Leeds are Google Partners, which means they have a qualification from Google and a direct representative within Google to lease with.

Compare Quotes From Optimisation Agencies In Leeds

It will take you a long time to find 4-5 SEO agencies in Leeds that have capacity and experience in your industry, then get quotes. 

All SEO companies in Leeds will charge differently.  Freelancers charge less than established agencies and agencies within the main city will charge more because they have higher overheads.

Paying more for an agency is no guarantee of them being more experienced or better than someone cheaper.

For this reason, shopping around and comparing quotes from different SEO companies in Leeds is essential.

SEO company costs can be done on monthly fees, a retainer, or a cost per hour.

SEO prices do vary from agency to agency, so you do need to shop around and get a feel of prices.

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