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How much does search optimisation of a website cost?What Are SEO Company Costs?

SEO company costs are a bit of a coloured area.  Optimisation agencies typically offer three main forms of payment, a monthly retainer, contract services and hourly consulting.  

SEO company costs will depend on what agency you select, but here are the options.

Monthly Retainer:

This is the most common payment model because it provides the greatest ROI.

Clients pay a fixed fee each month to your agency to cover an array of services.

You would expect to receive regular analytics reports, on-site content improvements, link building, keyword research and optimisation.

Contract Services:

Agencies will sell contract services and this is sometimes advertised on their site.

An example of this is an optimisation audit which will help you determine SEO opportunities before investing in an agency.

An audit would usually include an analysis of your online presence, competitor analysis, and keyword suggestions.

Hourly Consulting:

In this model you would pay an hourly fee for services or advice.

The cost of the actual optimisation service will vary depending on the level of service you require.

At Marketing Quotes we put forward your brief to hundreds of optimisation agencies to receive 5 different and comparing quotes from agencies who want to work with your business.

This process will give you a good idea of what price to expect. We do advise comparing optimisation company costs in order to get the best agency to suit your website and market sector.

How Long Does It Take

It is an on-going process.  Both on-line and off-line optimisation would require continual work and effort. 

Even if you are at the top of the search results for all of the phrases you are wanting to appear for, your competitors (sites below you) are trying to overtake you. 

So therefore you will continually need to keep you site updated with fresh relevant content, and continued off-line activities.  

Most optimisation companies advise it takes between 3-6 months to get a site to a stage whereby it is producing results from the optimisation work. 

However depending on the competitiveness of your chosen keywords, the number of competitors you have, this may take longer going into years.  

You can check how things are going via google analytics.

Why Does It Take So Long?

Search engines like to see slow and steady growth.  They do not like big changes (sensitive beasts) and may penalise a website for too much change too soon.  

Optimisation is about link building, so day by day, week by week you are continually developing your website, building your on-line visibility and inbound links. 

Over the course of time you will see you site hopping up the search results.  As long as you are not jumping page by page at a time, search engines are happy.

Closing Thoughts

It is a difficult process to put into simple terms as search engines do change the way they read websites and code quite frequently.  SEO agency costs vary, so we do advise you comparing quotes.

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