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There are hundreds of marketing companies in Leeds, ranging from freelancers to full service agencies.  

Selecting the right marketing agency in Leeds for your business is important, but could take time.  In addition there are many advertising companies in Leeds that may support you.

Marketing covers a broad range of services, from traditional advertising services such as telemarketing and TV advertising, to more modern forms of marketing such as internet marketing and social media websites.

Finding the right marketing ‘vehicle’ is important,  but also the right marketing company for your business is important if it is to be successful.

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What Is Marketing? defines marketing as, “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”

Marketing has been around for hundreds of years, thousands even.  When the Romans landed on our shores in 43AD, they set up businesses and these businesses used marketing to promote their goods and services to the locals.

Samuel Smiths Brewery is not quite in Leeds, but in Tadcaster, and have been producing beer since 1758.  You can bet they have been using different forms of marketing over the centuries.  Now they have a website and their products are in supermarkets all around the UK.

Why You Need Marketing

Every business in Leeds needs to use marketing, in one form or another.

Whether you are the Royal Armouries Museum on the bank of the River Aire, or a shop in The Merrion Centre.

Every business in Leeds needs to have a website, whether they are an online business or not.  Your website is your shop window and most of the time, people will visit your website as a first step to contacting you.

Every business in Leeds is in competition with others.  From pubs to supermarkets, from vets to pizza shops.  Each and every business needs to use multiple forms of marketing, including the following:

  • A Website – Every business in Leeds needs to have a website
  • Social Media – Pretty much every business in Leeds uses one or more social media websites
  • Brochures – Most companies in Leeds will use hard copy brochures/menus/leaflets/flyers
  • Signage – All retail companies have shop signs or posters
  • Advertising – Radio advertising, TV advertising, there are lots of options.

Both traditional marketing and digital marketing options are available to companies in Leeds, both for small companies and national ones such as Specsavers or Tescos sites in and around Leeds.

Choose Someone Local

It only makes logical sense to work with an agency that is also in Leeds. 

You can visit them without too much problem, they can visit you.  It makes for better communications when conducting the marketing campaign.  

These days with the internet, communication is normally done via e-mail.  

However the personal touch is always good, and it is always preferable working with a local marketing agency rather than one that is hundreds of miles away.

Select The Right Marketing Service

As there are hundreds of website designers in Leeds, brochure designers, PR agencies and other marketing agencies of others sorts, shapes and descriptions.  Freelancers up to established marketing companies that work nationally as well as locally to companies in Leeds.

You need to have a good understanding of the kind of marketing that you require. Advertising is different to marketing.  

If you need advertising (say on TV or in the local media) then advertising agencies in Leeds are good to speak with.  

Do you need a specialist (such as a PR agency in Leeds), or someone to handle multiple areas of your marketing? 

This is something to consider before making contact, as you want to be talking to the right agency that is equipped with the resources to be able to help you.

A meeting with a local agency gives you a good chance of setting up a marketing campaign that has structure to it.

Talk To An Expert

As there are so many marketing companies in Leeds to choose from, why not speak to someone that knows your industry?  

The campaign should be more successful as  there is no learning curve and the campaign should hit the ground running, producing you quicker results.

By having a look at their website, you should get a feel for the industries they have worked in.  

It might also be wise to talk to some of their clients.  Are the clients happy?  

Are they getting a good ROI?

Compare Multiple Quotes Today

You probably do not have time to go through 50+ websites on a search engine and contact agencies one by one.  

Let us do it for you for free. 

We want to help you find the right marketing company in Leeds that know your industry sector.

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