SEO For Universities

SEO for universities is important for a number of reasons, which we will explore.  Does your university website need SEO help, help in getting higher on organic web searches?  Then you are best talking to an SEO agency that has experience in the education industry and in doing SEO for universities.  For free advice and quotes from SEO companies with university website SEO experience, just fill in the form opposite.

Do Universities Need SEO?

SEO is not necessarily as essential for a university website as a commercial business.  However is still important as the website does need to be found easily.  For this reason, making the site SEO friendly, and encouraging new student registrations.  These day’s, people rate a business/institution on how visible it is on the internet, if the website is difficult to find, or looks bad – then it says a lot about the university.  A little like a shop being judged by it’s window display.  Generally, the more famous a university is (Cambridge, Oxford, St Andrews because of Prince William), the easier SEO is to do on it.

How Much Would SEO For Universities Cost?

SEO is an ongoing process, it never really ends as the internet (and websites) and continually evolving and developing.  Therefore SEO is going to be an ongoing process and SEO prices will be ongoing also.  Normally SEO companies will charge a monthly retainer for SEO work (dependent on the amount of work that needs to be done).  SEO for universities should not be too expensive, as the competition between universities is not high.

Choosing An SEO Company For A University Website

There are thousands of SEO agencies around the UK, ranging from top SEO companies in London, to freelancers working from home in Wales.  It is advised for universities to select an SEO agency that has experience in university marketing.  If the SEO company has experience in doing SEO on university websites, they will know what they are doing and more likely to get quicker results.

Does Your University Website Need SEO Support?

If you are interested in getting advice on SEO for universities, just fill in the form.

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