SEO Is Dead, Long Live SEO

SEO Is Dead, Long Live SEOIs Search Engine Optimisation Dead?

SEO is Dead some people feel, but are they right?  

Google has just celebrated it’s 13th Birthday and how the internet has changed during the time it has been around.

Google has led the way in indexing and ranking websites and is still by far the most popular search engine around the world.

The number of websites on the internet reaches into the billions.  

Giving a figure will be meaningless as there are hundreds of new websites launched every day (even thousands).  So Google has had to rank websites in order to deliver the best results for web users. 

Why Bother With Optimisation?

What is the point in all the hard work, does SEO work?  

The reason that search engines need to rank websites is to deliver the best possible results for visitors. One of the frustrations in the early years was finding relevant websites.  

There was not one search engine, but lots of web directories, all giving different results.  

As google has developed it’s method of reading and ranking websites, searching has become a lot quicker and hassle free.

The problem however is that all website owners are involved in the SEO arms race to get onto page 1 for their chosen keywords.

The Death Of Search – Optimisation Is Dead

Web optimisation used to be all about links.  The more links a website had pointing at it, the more popular it was and the higher it was placed in search results.

Search engines were then faced with producing poor results for internet users that were not relevant.  So the search engines changed their ranking rules (algorithms).

The old rules of optimisation has now gone (the more links the merrier) and a new set of reading and ranking websites was born.

The Birth Of Optimisation – SEO Is Dead To Some

The way that websites are read and indexed is a secret that is only known to the search engines.  

In order to prevent the problems of the past sneaking back (website owners bending rules in order to get their websites onto page 1).

There are a few tips in order to ensure that your website is ranked well and continues to grow on the search results:

1/ Keep It Clean – Keep your website up to date; ensure that spelling mistakes, errors and problems are quickly dealt with.

2/ Keep It Fresh – Search engines love new content, keep adding fresh material to your website in order to keep the search engines coming back

3/ Keep In The News – Press releases are a great optimisation tool for getting your name into the industry.  However this changed with the Panda update.

Closing Thoughts On SEO Is Dead

Search optimisation is an art, in many ways it can be compared to many other trades such as cooking, tailoring, engineering, it has to be learned. 

People can do optimisation themselves (in the same way we can all cook) but since search engines are constantly changing the way they read websites, businesses need to change with the times.

Getting some SEO advice is good, or better still, to use an SEO expert in ensuring that your website is growing and being noticed by the search engines on a regular basis.

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