Social Media – Does It Work For All Companies?

Social Media - does it work for all companies?Social Media – Does It Work For All Companies?

Social media is the latest marketing buzz, but does it work for all companies?

Twitter, Facebook are the main ones that everyone thinks of, however there are lots of others that are not quite as high profile.

All social media platforms are different, each attracting a different audience.  For this reason choosing the right social media platform is important.

Remember, the world of social media is very new, it is still trying to find itself and is still evolving.

The World Of Social Media

When social media first made it’s debut, people did not really know what to make of it.

Search engines did not really pay any attention to it and most of us did not really use it.

Whereas now, most people from the ages of 15 to 60 are using social media (since it landed in 2004 with Facebook) and have been for over a decade.

These days, young people live on social media.  It is all about the pictures rather than the night out.

When I think of Facebook, I think of my friends, family, people I know from the gym, ex girlfriends etc.  All posting updates about what they had for dinner, that they are looking forward to a holiday.  They ‘like’ comic relief and there are always the attention seekers that update every few hours.

When I think of Twitter, I think of something very similar, businesses getting doughnuts in this morning, James making the tea, the traffic being bad in London etc.

Not terribly business related, however the advertising potential is huge.

Millions of people are using Facebook (mainly people from 8 up to 35) so if you are looking to target these users – then Facebook is a great site to target.

Millions of people are using Twitter (mainly people aged 30 – 50) so if you are looking to target these users, Twitter is a good site to target.

The key is choosing the right social media platform for your business, as they are all different.

What Is Social Media For?

Social media is not designed as a marketing platform, it is designed for digital networking.

However does social media actually work?

Well, it is all about marketing as opposed to sales. If you are looking to use social media for actually selling stuff and using it as a quantifiable way to produce revenue, then it is going to fail.

If you are looking to reinforce your brand (say if you are BP, Nike, HSBC all advertisers on Facebook) then this is perfect.

People will see your adverts and even though they are not really looking at them, they are seeing the brand, the logo, the colours and subcontiously taking it in.

I have never (as far as I am aware) clicked on an advert on Facebook on purpose. I have by accident, or to see what happened – but not on purpose due to being compelled to buy/show interest.

Mobile phones, these are a bit of a problem for social media sites, as most people using social media, use iPhones/Blackberry’s to access them ‘on the move’.  With the limited screen size, adverts do not show as much.  However as advertising is pay per click, it is not really too much of an issue other than not getting as much coverage as desired.

TiK Tok Changed Social Media Marketing

The latest platform is Tik Tok (a Chinese platform), many brands and individuals do marketing on Tik Tok.

So, social media, does it work for all companies (getting back to the subject)? No.

If you are looking to generate sales, then it is not really the best marketing ‘vehicle’ for you; if you are looking to reinforce your brand then it is perfect.

If you are considering doing a social media campaign, then it is advised to talk to a marketing agency about targeting the campaign and getting it set up.  Otherwise you could spend a lot of money needlessly.

The Birth Of Social Media Influencers

Thanks to the lockdowns of 2020, millions took to Tik Tok to post videos and gain likes and followers.

  • Videos of you eating dinner
  • Videos of you doing the latest trend song
  • Videos of you doing the latest tend dance
  • Videos of you getting dressed
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Pokemon videos
  • History videos
  • Walkabout videos

The list goes on and millions of people around the world now have a career posting their videos on Tik Tok and pictures on Instagram, they are know as social media influencers.

The digital world is more real than the real world for millions of people, both influencers and their followers.

People spend hours going through the comments section, commenting and replying on countless posts.

Many companies have used Tik Tok to skyrocket their products and services, here are a few:

  • Food companies
  • Thatching services
  • Pool cleaning
  • Makeup brands
  • Freelance chefs
  • Restaurants

Social media marketing is now an essential and important form of marketing that all UK companies should be using.

Used creatively, social media websites like Tik Tok can get you millions of views, and the best part is that is free of charge to use.

However social media posts have to be done right.  Marketing companies are still finding their feet on Tik Tok, there are no experts since it is so new.

Give it a go, start filming your chefs, start posting your tree surgery, do a little dance, be creative!

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