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Social Media CostsLet Us Look At What Is Involved With Social Media Costs

Social media costs vary, from being free (if you do it yourself) to hiring someone to do it for you.  If you have time to manage social media networks, as well as your job, then there is no cost involved.  

But most people have other priorities, so using a social media agency is the next step.

Hiring a social media agency can be a great way to get the most from your various social platforms and can give your business or brand a real boost in a number of different areas.

Time is money and content creation across the various social media platforms does take time and focus.

Coming up with new and creative content that your audience can engage with is a creative art in itself.

Social Media Prices Explained

The cost of a social media agency is likely to vary from agency to agency and will also be dependent on your business and brand.  The following are some criteria to consider which may affect the cost of hiring a social media agency:

  • The size of your business or brand
  • The experience and quality of the social media agency
  • The number of platforms you would like worked on e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • The level of input and management from the agency e.g. do they include full reporting
  • How much time you want/need on your account
  • Did you want to use a social media influencer on Tik Tok?

All social media platforms are different, even Instagram and Facebook which are both owned by Mark Zuckerberg and Meta.  Generally the cost per click per advert is under £1.00 (much less than a CPC of a main search engine like Google).

Content Creation Is Key

Creating engaging content on social media platforms is essential to the success of any social media campaign.  Since so many companies and individuals are 100% committed to social media outreach, being creative is very important.

In many ways, you could have someone full time working on your account, it is that much work.

Social media costs revolve around creating engaging social media content.

Multi Platform Management

Social media marketing is not about creating content for one platform, but across a range of platforms.

The content needs to be tailored to each platform differently, since the users are different and deliverables will also be different.

Social Media Influencers

Since 2020 and the COVID lockdowns, a new career path called social media influencers has been created.  Many people are now full time content creators on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Social media marketing companies partner themselves with different influencers covering a range of industry sectors including some of the following:

  • Hotels & Travel
  • Food & Drink
  • Cosmetics
  • Fashion
  • Cars & Trucks

There are hundreds of thousands of full time social media influencers around the globe that you can align your brand with.  Social media costs will vary from each marketing company depending on the number of followers they have on each platform.

Why should I compare quotes from social media agencies?

Comparing social media costs of different agencies will give you more options and help you save time and money.  All social media agencies set their own fees, so the monthly fees could be thousands of pounds apart.

The costs of social media marketing can range from £150 per month to £3,000 depending on how much time and content you want created.  Also the cost would involve the number of social media platforms you want your content to be found on.

Are All Social Media Agencies The Same?

All social media agencies are different.  All with different experience, all with different backgrounds.  It is all about finding the ‘right’ agency for you.  

Some agencies have been running for decades, some have only just been registered.

Social media is relatively new as marketing goes, started really by Facebook in 2004.

Going with the top agency on Google is really not a wise move.  Just because they are at the top does not make them the best.  

Going with the most expensive quote is no guarantee of getting the best results.  We want to help you find the ‘right’ agency for your business.

Compare Multiple Social Media Agencies

Since all social media agencies set their own fees, it is necessary to shop around (like with any price comparison website) and compare quotes.

We aim to get you 4-5 quotes from local social media agencies for you to consider and compare.

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