UK Recession – What Marketing Are You Planning

The UK recession is gradually getting worse as reported by the BBC and backed up the OFNS (office for national statistics).

So what are we to do, what is your business going to do to survive?
Are you going to bury your head in the sand, cut back on outgoing, shed some staff, or market more?

As a marketing price comparison website, we would advise to use marketing to beat the recession. This does not necessarily mean spending more money, just being smarter about what kind of marketing you are doing.

For companies that are spending on TV advertising, why not consider cutting down on the number of adverts and use PPC advertising to ensure that your website is visible?

For companies that sell services and products, telemarketing is a good option to consider.

During the recession, there will be casualties, companies will close and jobs will be lost, however do you want to give in and quit, or do you want to survive and grow?

These are testing times, testing the British resolve, testing our own resolve. Only the strong will survive and it starts in the mind. If you are certain you can do it, you probably will.

Good luck everyone!

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