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Web Development For UniversitiesDoes Your University Website Need Web Development Help?

Website development for universities is very important, as all university websites are interactive.

They all have intranets, internal websites that are used for students and teachers to login.  A secure portal to submit assignments and projects university websites need contact monitoring.

They communicate university news and events as well as being able to submit coursework.

Many people ask what web development is, and how it differs from design?

Web development is the actual coding behind the scenes to ensure that the website does what you need it to do.  The design is the actual colours, font, page layout, more the external part of a website that you can see, over development what is not seen.

The problem is, finding the right web developer.  The UK has lots of web developers, from freelancers to established agencies.

We always advise talking to developers that have done website development for universities.  Whether you are Oxford University, or any of the others, it is essential.  Experience counts for everything, if they have worked in the education industry in the past, they should be better equipped to help.

Just fill out the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from local web developers that have the necessary  experience.

What Are University Websites For?

University websites are continually changing, continually being updated and modified.  New courses, new information for students, new press releases about university developments, new buildings on campus, and so forth.

Most have intranets which need to be maintained and developed.  For this reason, using a developer is essential (unless one is employed).

Many have internal marketing teams that handle onsite development of the website, but some will outsource this to development companies.

Technology is consistently moving forwards and most web developers are still on the journey to keep up with the latest rollouts of updates.

Choosing An Agency

There are thousands of web developers around the UK to choose from.

Web development refers to the overall process of creating websites or web applications, including the project’s design, layout, coding, content creation, and functionality.

It involves using a combination of programming languages, tools, and frameworks to bring a website or web application to life. It may also encompass project management activities, such as fielding development requests from stakeholders or freelance clients. 

However when considering agencies it is wise to select one that has experience of doing development for universities websites.  They will have a better idea of the work involved, and so be able to get the job done quicker and more efficiently than a firm with no experience.

If they have worked in the education sector before, they will be able to lead you and troubleshoot.

If you use an experienced developer, you will need to tell them what is needed (meaning important things could be missed).

A way to check if they have experience in doing marketing for universities, they will have clients on their website in the education industry.

Design Or Development For The Website?

A university website has to look good as well as function well.

This is where design and development marry up.

University students do need to like the website, not just when enrolling at the university but also using the website.

Reading information on the university website, contributing to new content or attending organised events is all good for the university.

For this reason, having a modern and attractive design is important.  Your students are your biggest critics.

Most web development companies have web designers as well that can work together on projects.

Questions To Ask Developers

You will undoubtedly have questions to talk to web developers when you talk or meet with them, but here are a few questions to get you started:

  • Have you done web development for any universities in the past or the education industry?
  • What web platforms have you done development work for?
  • Can you have a look at our website to give us a feel for what work is required?
  • What level of development does your agency have?
  • How much experience do you have with HTML, CSS & Javascript?

Compare Multiple Quotes

Shopping around for quotes is essential as all web developers set their own rates.  Web development prices will vary considerably, so getting quotes is essential.

Freelance web developers tend to be cheaper than established agencies as they have lower staff costs and no office rental costs.  There are also many freelancer websites that offer web development work to people right around the world.

We feel however keeping web development local is best.

Choosing a web developer can be tricky and time consuming.  The internet is a big place and often search results are mixed up with web development jobs from recruitment companies.

If your university website needs some web development support,  just fill in the form above.

We will get you free advice and quotes from a few local website developers that have experience in doing work in the education sector.

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