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Does Your University Website Need Development Help?

Website development for universities is very important, as all university websites are interactive. Universities all have intranets, internal websites that are used for students and teachers to login.  They communicate university news and events as well as being able to submit coursework. The problem is, finding the right web developer.  We always advise talking to developers that have done website development for universities.  Whether you are Oxford University, or any of the others, website development for universities is essential.

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What Are University Websites For?

University websites are continually changing, continually being updated and modified.  New courses, new information for students, new press releases about university developments, new buildings on campus, and so forth.  Most universities have intranets which need to be maintained and developed.  For this reason, using a web developer is essential.

Many universities have internal marketing teams that handle onsite development of the website, but some will outsource this to website development companies.

Choosing A Web Developer

There are thousands of web developers around the UK to choose from.  However when considering development it is wise to select one that has experience of doing website development for universities websites.  They will have a better idea of the work involved, and so be able to get the job done quicker and more efficiently than a firm with no experience.  If they have worked in the education sector before, they will be able to lead you and troubleshoot.  If you use an experienced developer, you will need to tell them what is needed (meaning important things could be missed).  A way to check if they have experience in doing marketing for universities, they will have clients on their website in the education industry.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Shopping around for quotes is essential as all web developers set their own rates.  Web development prices will vary considerably, so getting quotes is essential.

If your university website needs some development,  just fill in the form above.  We will get you free advice and quotes from website developers that have experience in doing website development for universities before.

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