Choosing A Website Developer

A Local Web Developer Is Always Better

Choosing a website developerYou have a website, but you need some changes to be made.  Additional content to be added, some new features and pages to be designed.  You need to speak to a ‘website developer’ (rather than a designer) to handle this. However choosing a website developer is not so easy. The problem is, a website designer would not really be the best one to do this, as they just do design and layout.  You need a website developer to ‘develop’ the website for you.  This would involve ”building’  on the foundation that is already there and expanding/improving the website for you.

Who To Choose?

There are thousands of website development companies around the UK. How do you choose the right one to work with?

  • Do you work with a freelancer?
  • Do you work with an established agency?
  • Do you work with a recommendation?
  • What about experience?
  • What about visiting them?
  • What about cost?

These are normally the questions that spring to mind when considering website development.  Lost of important factors and not just a case of picking someone at random. When choosing a website developer you should not just go onto google and type in ‘website developer’ and go to the first result.


Many companies will ask friends, family members or other companies for a recommendation on which website developer to use. This is a great option, and can give you comfort in knowing that if they have done a good job for someone else, then they may do a good job for you.  But is your business the same as theirs?  Is your business in the same market? Does your website function in the same way?

Freelancer or Agency

There are positives and negatives for using an agency or freelancer.  It has to be down to the amount of work involved.  If you have a smaller website, then a freelancer is good.  If you have a massive site (like then an agency (with more resources) may be more suited.

Industry Experience

Knowledge is power, so certainly for a website developer to understand your industry will bring advantages.  However, the website developer will be putting together the nuts and bolts part of a website (making sure the payment gateway works, the links, the newsfeed etc.) so knowing the product is not as important as technical ability.

Is A Visit Needed?

With website development, the personal contact is good, but not essential.  A website developers job is to update, tweak, change the content of the website.  They have a marketing function, but are more of an engineer than a marketeer.  Their job is to ensure that a website runs properly, buttons work, pages load and payments go through.

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