Many people ask the question what is website development?  Often confusing website design with website development.

Web development is the bit that happens after the design of a website.  This is probably the most key aspect, as it is getting the site to function, getting things to work and keep working and also making changes.

Web development is the ‘framework’ of a website, it is a collection of databases that tell buttons to work, forms to submit and colours to appear.

What Factors Are Involved With A Website?

There are three main services involved with producing websites:

Each of these is as important as the other, however for a site to function, development is needed.

Choosing An Agency

Now that we have looked at what is web development, we need to find an agency.  There are thousands of freelance developers and development companies) in the UK.  So there is the need to compare web developers before selecting someone.  There is basic criteria you need to consider:

  • Location – Are they local to you
  • Experience – How long have they been running?  Do they know your industry?
  • Cost – How much do they charge?  How do they justify their prices?

Meeting your agency is important to meeting this criteria.  Asking what platforms they are experienced in using (WordPress, Joomla etc.)?

Is Web Development Expensive

Websites are continually changing, there are always things that can be improved, developed, added and modified.  So the development of a site does not really end.  It is an ongoing process as your company develops and grows.  Web developers would be tasked to fix issues based on a priority list which is ever growing (it could be a web form not submitting, or a page not displaying).  All development companies are different, so depending on what the hourly rates are/what the month rates are – it does not have to be expensive; but it probably will be on-going.

One thing that people that are not involved in the sector do not understand, is exactly what is involved.  Web development is a skill, so if your website is not working properly, a developer is needed in order to fix it and have it running smoothly.  What is website development doing for you?

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