Website Re-design Ideas

Website Re-Design Ideas

Do You Need A Website Re-Design?

When was the last time your website was updated, modified or given a fresh coat of paint?  If the answer is more than a 3 month period then you need to consider a refresh.  Consider some basic website re-design ideas before you charge in.  Just fill in the form opposite to get quotes from local web designers that can give you website re-design ideas.

Why Get A Re-Design?

Websites are a major part of any business, a shop window that needs to be updated and freshened up as much as a window display or shop interior.
The best analogy is the seasons of the year (spring, summer, winter and autumn); the seasons change bringing new colours, new life and a new perspective on the world.  A site being updated can bring a new lease of life to a business, showing visitors that the business is alive and on the pulse of things.

What Are Some Re-Design Ideas?

The easiest way to quickly change a sites feel is changing the colour scheme.  This is considered the ‘skin’ of the site, the background image, the background colour and maybe the headings on the site.
Adapting it around the seasons is a great way to show people the change between spring to summer, winter to spring.
People’s moods change as the seasons change and this mood can be plugged into just with a few design changes on a site.  Some of the easiest website re-design ideas are the best.

How Much Would The Re-Design Cost?

Price will come into your website re-design ideas at some point.  The re-design does not have to be expensive, just the case of making a few tweaks here and there.  Changing of some text can cost a few hundred pounds, a few hours of a designers time can bring a new lease of life to your website.  It is worth shopping around and getting website design prices from a few local companies, to get an idea of the costs involved.  Rather than spending time on Bing looking at agencies, let us help.
This is something that is very important, a site can receive thousands of visitors a day, but if the design does not speak to them, it is all for naught.

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