What Is Corporate ID

Every business needs a corporate ID to make them stand out against their competition.  Many people ask ‘what is corporate ID and how does it differ from branding’?  Let’s have a look at this together.

What Is Corporate ID How Does It Differ From Branding

Your corporate ID is the visual marketing that you have that is visible to your clients.  The main thing would be your logo (and slogan if you want one), but it can be also visual on the following:
  • Brochures
  • Website
  • Business Cards
  • Letter Heads
  • Comp Slips
  • Flyers
All the marketing material is uniform (eyes left) showing continuity in the marketing message which affects the branding of the business. Branding is quite different.  Consider Coca Cola.  When you think of it, you do not just think of their logo, but it is more than that.  It is the colours, the slogan, the adverts, the taste.  All this is the Coca Cola brand.  It is a combination of everything.

Who Can Crate It?

There are thousands of graphic designers that will design this for you, from freelancers that have just left college, to top website designers in London.  The problem is choosing the right one.

Tips For Choosing An Agency

Choose someone local is always best.  Whether you are based in the Black Mountains, in the Yorkshire dales or the highlands.  Using a local designer is always better than someone hundreds of miles away.  Always use someone that knows your industry where possible; this will ensure that the communication element of the design will be more impacting. Shop around for prices; remember that all design agencies are private companies that are profit driven (after paying staff, rent, overheads, marketing costs, they need to buy cars, houses, holiday’s etc.) which is factored into the costs for marketing.  Branding prices do vary considerably.

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