Important Tips For Enhancing Your Content Writing

Some Advice On Enhancing Your Content

Important Tips For Enhancing Your Content WritingWhen it comes to the content of your website, you are in competition with companies all over the world, no-matter what niche you are in. Your website is your virtual shop window. Your website is your digital footprint and cannot be overstated as being important. The quality of your content is not just rated by human visitors, but also by the search engines.

We at Marketing Quotes have put together a few thoughts, a checklist as it were for you to consider whenever you are considering adding new content to your website/blog. We have condensed this into 4 important tips for enhancing your content writing in oder to help you climb online.  

You Can Boost Your Website Content In Many Ways

Consider these 4 important tips for enhancing your content:

1/ Choose your headlines with care.

Like the first paragraph in a book, your title needs to convey certain things to the visitor:

• Attention Grabbing
• Descriptive Of The Page Content
• Intriguing

Your headline needs to do all these things, to make the visitor sit up and read on. We have all seen headlines that confuse, bore or melt away as ‘another article’. Often putting newsworthy headlines are impacting. You want to sell a solution to a problem for the reader on the topic they are interested in.

Search engines also look for impacting headlines to filter useful content over dull content.

2/ Write with the reader in mind, but with SEO in front.

Often website owners forget the reader, writing overly optimised website content purely to rank on search engines. Then there are those that write great content, but it does not rank because it has not been optimised. There are many SEO tools that help you optimise website content. Yoast is one that is used by WordPress websites (like this one) that help the website owner to create SEO friendly content.

Consider which person you are writing your content in. Are you writing in the first person, the third person, or are you doing a mix?  Here are 7 tips on choosing a website designer.

3/ Engage with users.

Using things like competitions, polls, e-books are often great ways to engage with users. Getting people coming back to your website is tricky, unless you are a news website or social media platform, why would people return?

The more you can engage with your website visitors, the better chance you will have at growing your community.

Become an expert in your market; this way your community will come to you for information, tips and advice. You could even have a feature where you audience asks you questions for you to write content on.

4/ KISS – Keep it simple stupid. Don’t overwhelm

Keep your sentences short. Keep your point on point. No-one wants to read your opening paragraph and then have to re-read it because they did not understand. Remember, the average reading age in the UK is 11, so target your audience accordingly.

Try to avoid jargon, unless your website is used by engineers or the highly educated.

There we are, 4 important tips for enhancing your content writing. This should ensure that your website content is appealing and effective.

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Have you ever noticed that SEO companies have great content? It is because they write effective website content with both the humans and the search engines in mind.

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