Cheap Website Design – Is It Worth It?

Cheap Website Design - Is It Worth It?Cheap Website Design – Is It Worth It In The End?

The question we pose is if a cheap website design is worth it in the long term.

Are you a new business?

Is money tight?

Indeed website design prices do vary, but a cheap website will always look cheap.

Your Website Is Essential?

The problem therefore is getting a basic website set up that is high quality and is affordable.  

But cheap website design – is it worth it in the long term?  The internet moves quickly, will you meed to get another new website in a year?

As is often the case, you do get what you pay for.  

A cheap website will look cheap, no matter how it is dressed up, it is hard to get a high quality anything for paying nothing.

There are many freelance website designers, and even free website shops that can get cheap websites (or free websites set up); however these invariably do look less than professional.

Cheap Website Design – Is It Worth It Long Term?

New businesses do want to make a splash, make an impact and get themselves up and running in officces with staff working and phones buzzing. But the website (these days) is often one of the first things to consider (and one of the more important things to consider).

Platforms like Shopify for online shops, but only as a springboard till you get a proper website set up.

Google did launch GBBO (Get British Businesses Online) some time ago, in a bid to get UK companies up and running on the web, however there were bad reviews as to the quality of the sites.

For new businesses, it is wise to talk to a few website designers, rather than getting a cheap website (or free website) in place.  Getting a basic website is a much better choice (although a little more risky price wise).

However, website design prices for new companies can be very affordable (less than £1,000) and can be developed and built on.

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