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For new companies, they are not looking for anything fancy, just a basic website design will suffice.  

Sometimes we can get over ambitious and go to crazy, but sometimes in the early days, something basic and fun is best.

You are not necessarily looking for a cheap design, but something smart yet basic.

There are website builders you can use if funds are really stretched, Wix and Fasthosts are a couple that could be used.  But many web designers can create something simple for less than £1,000.

If you are looking for basic website design, then a small agency or freelancer is a good choice.  Just complete the form opposite to get free quotes and advice on basic website design.

Many companies around the UK are not looking for a huge one, or something that will be all singing and all dancing, just something simple.  Companies such as local builders, hair salons, garages just need a point of reference, a basic website design is just the thing. 

Something that gives an overview of what it is that they do, some pictures of their product/site and a page of contact information.

There are lots of web design agencies around the UK but finding someone that can put up a simple site that is not too expensive and not too complicated is not easy.

What Sort Of Website Needed?

The most basic website is called a ‘template website’ or ‘brochure style site’ (which is a little more fancy).

Small, with less than 10 pages (and a blog) is normally what this is. 

A template site can be created from software on the internet that can be downloaded and set up.  This does tend to be free and as long as you have a creative flare you may be able to set up something quite basic and pretty in quite a short time.

A simple template website is a good choice for a small or fledgling business.

How About Web Design Experts

It is better to get a professional web design agency to help in getting a simple and basic  website set up.  

This may save you quite a bit of time but also the agency will be able to get a better site in place for you.  As it is their trade, they do it all day and know what looks good and what does not.

Certainly you can advise the agency on what it is that you want, what pages you want in place and a rough layout, this will actually help them put together a layout. 

If you do not know, then most web design agencies can put one together from scratch for you giving it a simple yet professional feel.

This kind of basic website can be created in a few days.

Consider Optimisation

Getting the site set up is one thing; however if you want to be found by visitors (as opposed to just using the website as a point of reference) then you need to consider using an SEO company

They will get it up and visible on the internet so that you gain more internet traffic and sales enquiries.

Consider Advertising

Website optimisation does take time, depending on how competitive your industry is, it can take a long time.

Advertising on search engines is a good option to consider, when you only pay when someone clicks through to your site.

This is called PPC advertising and can be a quick and affordable way to get visitors.

Marketing for your new and basic template website is essential if you are to get website visitors.

Marketing of websites however can be expensive, very expensive.

Social media is free and can be a great form of marketing if you wanted to go down the paid route.

How Much Does Basic Web Design Cost?

The thing that many people do not realise is that web design prices vary depending on the designer that you choose.

Template websites can be designed on the internet for free with sites like WordPress if you have a little time and patience.  If not, web designers can plan and design a simple website for around £500 upwards.

It is always worth paying a little more to get a nice site, no point in paying for something cheap only to scrap it 6 months down the line and get another designed.

Like most things, you do pay for what you get and this is no different.  There are lots of cheap websites on the internet, but many that actually look cheap.

Closing Thoughts

Basic web design should not cost much, hundreds instead of thousand.  However it is worth talking to a professional web designer about it before you get one in place.  There is no charge to pick someones brains and it may well save you a lot of trouble in the long term.

We do advise comparing multiple quotes from local website designers that know your industry.  Just fill in the form and we will do the legwork for you.

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