Content Marketing Explained – Part 1

Content Marketing Explained - Part 1Content Marketing Is An Important Part Of SEO

Website content marketing seems to be the new buzzword in the internet world, but what is it, how does it work, why do it and how do you do it?

Do all websites need to do contact marketing?  How does it work and why do search engines want it?

Lets tackle these points one at a time.

What Is Content Marketing?

It is basically giving the benefit of you knowledge and experience away on your website, for the benefit of others.

This is similar to shops giving away free samples – to attract customers in to buy things.  To raise the awareness of their brand as being of interest and of worth.  This is what you want your website to do, to become known in your industry as a resource, as a place for customers to come for free advice, for helpful advice and for clarity.

Contact marketing is taking information and letting it be know in the wider world, so that companies can tap into your resources via the web, via social media, via e-mail marketing.

How Does It Help You?

Search engines like Google and Bing like to have fresh content.  This is why news websites and Instagram come up high for most results, because they have lots of new content added all the time.

If you are adding new content to your website (relevant content) and then marketing it, your website should become more popular.

Also being active on social media websites is also part of content marketing.  Websites like Twitter and Facebook are popular, but there are new social media platforms you can use.  This is all part and parcel of social media marketing which will help you climb online.

Some Helpful Advice

A good tip is to share what you know.  If your website/business is about your hobby, then sharing about that should be easy.

For example:

You have a fashion website.  You can share ideas about fashion tips, fashion trends, pictures of successes or fails.  This can be linked into your Instagram page or maybe a Youtube tutorial.

This is all linked around Internet marketing, growing your websites ‘footprint’ on the internet.

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