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Internet marketing in our digital society is an essential part of marketing for any business.  

As more and more people use the internet to buy products, find information and communicate, being visible online is now essential to any business.  This effects how people perceive the internet via the web searches they make.
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What Is Internet Marketing?

Compare Quotes On Internet MarketingThis is about creating a buzz and boosting exposure of a website.  

Internet marketing is now known as ‘digital marketing‘, marketing online across search engines, websites and social media platforms.

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Internet giants like Google and Bing offer sponsored advertising more commonly known as PPC advertising.  

For a small fee you can be on page 1 for any search term, competing with the top 10 natural results.  This is a fantastic tool for startup companies that want to get immediate traffic onto their websites.

Recently, social media marketing has come into the internet marketing realm.  

Social media sites like Linkedin and Facebook are some of the best established, but new sites are starting up all the time.  Using paid advertising on social media is another string to the bow.

Consider also which social media platform is right for your business as a focus, as they are all different in their own ways.

Natural Search Rankings

A big part is the natural search rankings.  This is the organic results on search engines like google that 90% of internet users will go to.  

This is called search engine optimisation and it is about getting your website  to appear for the search phrases that you want to appear for.  

This could be ‘dog walkers in London’, ‘IT companies in Liverpool’ or ‘hair dressers in Brighton’.

A Happy Marriage

This is about bringing both the natural rankings on search engines and the paid internet advertising together.  A happy marriage of the two is the ideal.  

Using social media platforms is a big part of internet marketing, especially now with the rising star Tiktok.

So if you rank for the natural results, and you have a sponsored advert, you get double the exposure.

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