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How much do copywriting agencies costWhat Is The Copywriting Agency Cost?

How much does a copywriting agency cost?  

The UK has many copywriting agencies but the way in which they charge can vary.

Choosing a copywriting company can be a challenge, but that is where we can help.

The most common methods of charging are as follows:

Fixed cost per word

Copywriting agency cost could be based on each word that is produced.  In projects where a lot of editorial style copy is required, an agency may charge per word. The amount charged per word will often reduce if you have a high word count so you don’t have to worry about the length of your content.

This isn’t a common approach for advertising or SEO copywriting as these require a lot more time and specialised skills.

Rates per page

Copywriting agency cost could be done per page.  

This is usually in the case of website copy and SEO however a disadvantage of this approach is that it doesn’t take into account that some pages may need less copy than others or some pages may need extensive research to write compared to other copy.

Rates by hour, day or job

Copywriting agency cost could be per job or per hour spend working for you.  

Some copywriting agencies may charge by the hour, by day or by job. The cost by the hour and day is often fixed but rates by job can have the advantage of being negotiable on each job needed.

Retainer fee

A retainer fee is often charged on a monthly basis and is convenient for the agency and business owners when it comes to ongoing projects such as copywriting for PR or SEO.

You and the agency will agree on the number of days you’d like spent on your copywriting needs in an average month. Not only can this give you financial predictability but it also motivates the agency to uphold the ongoing commitment with high quality work.

The Importance Of Good Words

One of the main reasons for good copywriting is websites.  Good copy on your website is read by search engines like Google & Bing.  This links in to SEO and how your website is found online.

Shop Around To Compare Copywriting Agency Cost

It is wise to compare quotes from copywriters.  All agencies set their own fees, therefore copywriting costs will vary considerably.

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