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Copywriting is an essential marketing tool and one that many companies do not make full use of.

Consider a sales letter.  Two people can write the sales letter and both have a completely different approach and flavour (even though both are about the same topic/service/product).  It has been said that verbally, it is not what you say, it is how you say it.  This is essentially what copywriting is all about.  It is repackaging something so that it is more impacting. more understandable etc.This is a skill that is picked up from good education and learning, plus a good understanding of the English language.

For Hard Copy

There are numerous marketing materials that would benefit from having a professional copywriter give them a once over:
  • Sales Letters
  • Company Flyers
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Leaflets
It is very easy when writing or producing hard copy to miss things; bad spelling, grammar and punctuation can slip through the net.  This can be difficult to pick up by the author, but a copywriter is trained to pick up on the smallest of errors.

For Online

As websites are dominating the marketing realm more and more these days; the need for copywriting is essential.  Search engines read websites and notice spelling mistakes, grammar, sentence structure and page layout. Customers visiting a website could be from all walks of life; and a fresh pair of eyes can pick up on things that for others can be missed.

Select Someone That Knows Your Industry

It has long been said that you need to understand what you are talking about.  Using a copywriter that knows your industry is important.  All industries have their own language (jargon), which needs to be incorporated in the text.

Compare Quotes

Copywriting is not an overly expensive service, and could save you a lot of money as a result of re-structuring, proofing etc.  Fill out the form opposite to compare quotes from local copywriters.

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