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Events OrganisersAre You Looking For An Events Organisation Company?

Events organisation is an important part to making your event a success.

Events are expensive things, so you need to ensure that you make the most of the opportunity.

The UK has lots of event organisation companies.

Events organisers and planners can help you to make your event a success.  

Events organisation is an important part to making your event a success.

You have a lot of competition at exhibitions and events, you really need to make them successful.  They need to be done right.

Otherwise it is a lot of money wasted.  You only get one chance to impress at an event or exhibition.  Once chance when they on your stand to talk, one chance to try your wine or refreshments.

What Kind Of Exhibition Stands Are There?

There are a range of exhibition stands available:

Choosing the right stand will heavily influence the price, as stand design can be very expensive. Remember, the stand is only one element that effects a successful event.

Events organisers will handle all areas of your event, from staffing, food, exhibition stand set up and put down.

What Do Event Organisers Do?

Event organisers will handle your event (conference, exhibition, product launch etc.) from start to finish.  This can include all of the following:

  • Accessibility for wheelchair users
  • Branding/corporate event identity
  • Budget management
  • Concept and theme development
  • Delivery of event supplies
  • Entertainment management
  • Event collateral design
  • Event layout and design
  • Event marketing and promotion
  • Event production and audio visual
  • Event sustainability
  • Food/beverage supply
  • Entertainment/leisure activity coordination
  • Housing management
  • On-site event management and event execution
  • Post-event analysis
  • Promotion and social media
  • Registration management
  • Safety and security
  • Site research and selection
  • Speaker management
  • Special events
  • Supplier contracts and negotiations
  • Travel arrangements/transportation management
  • VIP services
  • Virtual and hybrid event services

This takes the stress out of an event, trusting that someone else will not forget bringing milk for the tea, or a bottle opener for the wine! 

How To Select A Stand Designer

At an event or any sort, you are going to need an events stand, to showcase your products or services.

The only way to find an exhibition stand design company is by shopping around and comparing quotes.

Getting 3-4 quotes from local stand designers should indicate an average price, and ensure you are not overspending.

The internet is a big place with billions of websites.  The search results you are delivered are different all around the UK based on your location.  The top events company is not necessarily the best, it is just what the search engines deliver based on their algorithm.

As there are hundreds of events organisation companies around the UK to choose from, comparing quotes is the best way to find the best deal.

Imagine this scenario: you have been tasked to organise a user group conference, sales incentive program, product launch, corporate retreat, annual fundraiser.

You need to get it right, but it’s a first time event at your company, and planning is not your primary role or in your wheelhouse.

You are also aware that events, when executed successfully, are an essential part of your marketing mix.

You realize you should seek the expertise of an outside event management agency to help save time and money, and deliver optimal results. But how do you select the best company for the task? 

Location Location Location

Where is your event going to take place?  

At the NEC?
At a hotel?  

This will mean your event will be organised in a different way.  Events at exhibition centres such as the NEC need to be fully managed, incorporating most of the bullet points above.

Like many things, getting the location right for your event is critical to it’s success.

Different events are held around the country, be it the Flower Show, Ideal Homes, Interbuild etc.

Choosing the right show is about aligning your products or services to the event that best matches, in order to meet your customers or reach the right audience.

How Much To Pay For An Exhibition Stand

There are over 300 event organisation companies around the UK (and many based overseas that use advertising in the UK), so it is worth shopping around and getting quotes.

We live in a world of price comparison, so shopping around for quotes is part of our day to day walk.  Whether it is comparing the petrol prices, supermarket prices, shoe prices.

All marketing companies set their own rates and sadly, you do not get what you pay for with marketing.  The cheapest agency is not the best, but going for the most expensive quote does not mean that you will get a better event.

Exhibition stand designers do vary in their costs from each stand designer (based on their overheads, profit margins, design resources etc.) so shopping around and getting quotes is very wise.

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