Full Service Marketing Checklist

Have You Done Your Full Service Marketing Checklist?What Is A Full Service Marketing Checklist?

Your full service marketing checklist begins with finding the right agency. Once you have found the right agency, the work really begins.  

They really need to get to know you, get to know your business and get to know your industry.

They will handle everything in house.  From the planning and marketing strategy, mailing, printing, design and follow up.

Are All Marketing Companies The Same?

No.  Your full service marketing checklist needs to be selective.

Many will boast about handling all the marketing, however may outsource areas to partners or freelancers (mailing, advertising, telemarketing, printing).  

So they are complete, in that they are taking care of campaigns for you; however they are not complete, in that they need to outsource.  

Agencies that do not handle all marketing internally are marketing consultancies, quite different.

What To Look For?

Your full service marketing checklist centres around their experience.  One of the most important factors when considering a full service marketing agency is experience.  

Do they have a knowledge and understanding of your industry?

If not, then they will have to learn, something you will be paying for.

Another factor to consider in your full service marketing checklist is cost. 

If the agency are handling all your marketing, then chances are it will not be cheap and in many cases, serious money is involved.  

All marketing agencies charge differently so it is wise to compare prices.

Your Checklist Includes Location

Consider also where they are based; location location location (as they say) is something that plays an important roll.

 If you are spending good money with an agency, then you will want to meet with them regularly.  

Having regular meetings to discuss performance and targets is something that is essential in order for you to get the best results for you investment.

One final thing to consider (and something that many companies do not do) is putting in KPI’s (key performance indicators).  

If you are investing money, you need to get a return and for that, you need to ensure that the agency is performing.  

By agreeing targets with them over a period of time, you can measure how effective their work is and either smile, or look for ways on how to improve the campaign.

Please do not just go onto google and go with the top company on the search.  For help with your full service marketing checklist, just fill in the form.

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