How Much Do Telemarketing Companies Charge?

How Much Do Telemarketing Companies Charge?What Prices Do They Set And How Do They Justify Them?

We often get asked how much do telemarketing companies charge for lead generation.  

However this is a very fluid question, as the question can be likened to ‘how much does a car cost?’.

The thing is, all agencies are different, all have different fee structures and different rates (depending on their overheads, their staff costs, their profit margins etc.).  

A quick internet search will show there are hundreds of agencies in the UK, all charging different amounts for their lead generation services.

The truth is that there are over 600 agencies around the UK and each one will have a different story to tell.

What you want to be asking is:

How much will it cost me to get good and consistent lead generation?

If you are getting 3-5 good leads a day, and paying £500, that is fine.  If you are getting 1 or 0 and paying £150, then that is not fine.  You may be paying less, but you are getting less (and the lead may turn out to be a turkey).

Experience Counts

One thing we at Marketing Quotes always advise, is that experience counts for everything.

If you are getting quotes from agencies that are charging £150 a day, they may be working from home, they may be boiler room setups and are outsourcing this overseas.  They may have little sales experience and just sell on price with promises.

You Get What You Pay For

It has been said a million times, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

This is not to say that paying a high about will get you better results, there are lots of agencies around that charge the earth, but excuse this on being able to deliver (but do not have the capability).

Telemarketing prices do need to be compared – you need to shop around and get quotes.

Industry Knowledge Does A Lot

How much do telemarketing companies charge specific industry sectors?  If you are involved in the engineering industry, how are you going to generate sales leads from other engineering companies?  If you are using an agency that has no experience of knowledge of deep hole drilling, or fabrication or laser cutting it could be an uphill struggle.  

Lead generation in the engineering industry requires a certain amount of knowledge, not saying you need qualified engineers on the phone, but a basic understanding of what splining is, or what WEEE means.

Be Wise – Do Not Go With The First Quote

Shopping around is something that we are all use to in today’s world of price comparison sites, however when it comes to marketing and sales, people do not like doing this.  They prefer to go with one person and not look at alternatives.


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