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Compare Telemarketing Prices?

The UK has over 450 telemarketing companies, all privately owned and profit making businesses with different telemarketing prices.  As such, shoring around and comparing telemarketing prices is essential.   We want to help you find the best telemarketing agency for your campaign, but you need to find the best telemarketing company at the best price. Just fill in the form is you need to compare telemarketing prices.
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Why Compare Telemarketing Prices?

Telemarketing companies are plentiful in the UK and all agencies charge different amounts..  Price comparison is popular for saving time and finding the best prices quickly. Comparing telemarketing prices is no different to comparing prices for car insurance, as long as you are comparing the right agencies you can be assured of getting the best deal. Telemarketing companies all have differing experience based on their client portfolio.  Telemarketing companies that work in high end industries do tend to charge more for their services. Telemarketing prices are also based on the skills and experience of the staff; if the staff are ‘seasoned’ sales people (and not fresh out of college) they will be on a higher salary.  Therefore the cost for your campaign will be higher.  There are also profit margins to be taken into account – all telemarketing companies are privately owned and thus need to charge profits in order to cover things such as cars, holidays, houses etc. None of us have hours of spare time to go through 100’s of websites to find a few that are of interest, then contact each one individually and then try to get quotes.  By using a price comparison site you can do all of this within around 60 seconds – and then get the best quotes to compare.

How Do They Justify Their Telemarketing Prices

There are (as mentioned) hundreds of telemarketing companies in the UK (over 600 actually) and all charge different rates.  Some companies may be startups or have fairly junior staff (school leavers or agents with only 3-4 years of experience) and therefore cannot really justify charging hundreds of pounds a day. Some agencies may have very senior level staff who are used to talking to CEO’s and top level decision makers and therefore set higher charges for their services. Depending on what you are looking for will reflect the sort of agency that is suited for your calling campaign. As mentioned, all companies are privately owned and therefore are looking at making profit on your campaign in order to fund growth and holiday’s etc.  When comparing prices, this needs to be kept in mind.

Does Paying More Guarantee Results

Many companies are asking for results driven marketing however the problem is that the results are dependent on so many external factors.
  • What your product/service is like
  • What the cost of the product/service is
  • What the economics of the sector is like (is it a good time to buy)
  • What the agency is like
  • What the caller is like (the agent actually making the calls)
  • What the data is like
Some companies feel that if they pay more for a campaign, then they will get more/better results.  Paying more money however does not necessarily mean the results will be better, as the results will be dependent on the above factors (many of which are outside of a telemarketing companies control).

Potential Cost Saving Ideas

Telemarketing agencies can handle the full sales cycle, from prospecting and researching a sales lead, to generating an order.  However, businesses do not have to take advantage of the full sales support.  Some areas can be handled by businesses leaving telemarketing companies to focus on the main areas:
  • Purchase Of Data – Data is where it all starts, if you provide or supply data yourself, this will save a lot of money.
  • Researching Data – Finding the contact can take time, so a little research could save money.
  • E-mailing – If you handle the sending of information, this will leave the telemarketing company to just the calling.
  • Compare Agencies- All telemarketing companies charge differently, so shopping around could save thousands.
  • Book The Appointments Yourself – This also gives you more control over the sales process as you have more contact.
Care does need to be given about cutting too close to the bone, finding the cheapest solution may not be the best route; cutting to many corners may have detrimental effects.  Likewise passing the whole campaign to the company and writing a blank cheque is not wise and will not guarantee good results.  Taking time and planning is wise, consider the advice from the company (but bear in mind they want your business and therefore and going to encourage you parting with your hard earned money).

Pricing Structures Offered By Companies

All telemarketing agencies charge on different charging structures based on their setup.  As such, telemarketing prices vary significantly. N.B – Be wary of companies offering commission only, there are only a couple in the UK that do offer this route and they are very selective on the campaigns they undertake (only the ones that show the best chances of resulting in revenue are considered obviously).  Some commission only telemarketing companies sound great, but do not last long and disappear. The normal charging structures for companies would be:
  • Cost Per Hour
  • Cost Per Call
  • Cost Per Day
  • Cost Per Week
  • Cost Per Month
Different companies charge based on the above structures, so it is a case of choosing a structure that fits your budget.  It needs to be considered as an investment, in the same way has hiring a member of staff, training and developing them over time; this needs to be considered in the same way.  It does not always produce instant results, it can sometimes take time (certainly if the UK market is in recession and markets are slow) so a degree of patience is needed. Rather than spending time on Bing, just fill in the form to compare telemarketing prices from agencies that know your industry.

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