The Truth About Telemarketing Prices

The truth about telemarketing pricesThe Truth About Telemarketing Prices

The truth about telemarketing prices is that they vary, considerably.  All telemarketing companies in the UK are different, most charging a monthly fee based on how many days they are working for you.  Telemarketing is as old as the introduction of the first telephones.

Started up in the USA around 1950 based around advertising in magazines and publications it has quickly spread to all areas of business.

The concept of telemarketing is ‘to market a product/service over the phone’.

The image many of us have of a cold calling person, is a young person (student or senior school person) cold calling houses in the evening or selling double glazing.

Despite this being partly true, it is the tip of the iceberg.

People of all ages do calling, both in making ‘cold calls’ but also in handling calls.

If you call up your bank for some help, or call up your utilities provider, chances are this would be handled by a telemarketing company.

This is a big part of our lives these days, from helplines, banking, retail, mobile phones and really any larger company that has a freephone/0845 number.

The truth about telemarketing prices is it does cost.  The agencies need to employ staff, need to train then, need to incentivise them, give them holiday, sick leave and promotions. As such, the cost filters back to the customer.  As with any product or service (hotels, trains, cars) the main cost is the cost of the staff/business which does need to be appreciated.

All telemarketing agencies charge differently, and it is always advised to shop around and compare prices in order to get the best deal.

Prices typically are based on a day rate which can fluctuate from around £150 to up to £600.  This would be based on a few factors:

What About Cost Per Lead

Many companies do not feel comfortable working on a day by day month by month basis as there is no guarantee of results.  The risk rests on the customer and not the marketing company.

This is actually the case with all marketing, not just telemarketing.

SEO is a risk, there is no guarantee of getting onto page 1 of the search engines.

Advertising on TV is a risk, how do you know you will get sales after your advert is aired?

Many companies ask for a cost per lead basis, but does this work in reality?

In truth, no, it does not.

The reason is because the telemarketing agency is going to try and get leads, any leads.  Which then opens up to being specific about criteria and urgency.

Criteria and Quality Of Leads

Imagine for example you are a building company and want to work on a cost per lead for building leads.

The telemarketing agency generates you 3 leads a day and charges you £150 per lead, meaning you are paying out £450.

The three leads they have generates are luke warm at best, and are outside of your target budget.

You now have to be very specific about the size of leads, the urgency of leads and the type of building work involved.

What you are basically asking is for the telemarketing agency to take on a large proportion of the risk, which is not how marketing works, any marketing.

The Seniority Of The Person Doing The Calling

Generally the more senior a telemarketing expert is, the more they will cost.

If you want an ex sales manager or highly experienced telemarketer then this will cost more, as opposed to a young person or newish person doing your calling.

It depends on what you are looking for, if your campaign is quite simple, then a junior caller could do it.

If your campaign is high level or you are targeting senior level people, then having a more experienced telemarketer is advisable.

The truth about telemarketing prices is the more experienced the agent, the more it will cost.

The Size Of The Telemarketing Agency

The larger the agency, the more they will charge (generally) as they have more of an infrastructure, more managers, more directors, more company cars, more holidays to pay for etc.

Again, if you are looking for volume calling, then a larger agency is more suited.  If you just want 1 person to do calling 1 day per week, then a smaller agency is suited.

It is good to shop around and compare telemarketing prices.  They do vary and to avoid getting stung, comparing is a good thing (we do it for car insurance, clothes, food, so why not telemarketing).

You can search around on search engines to find a few local telemarketing companies, or let us help you get quotes to compare.

Guarantees With Telemarketing

As mentioned above with the example of the building company, there are no guarantees with telemarketing or marketing in general.

The truth about telemarketing prices is that there are no guarantees sadly.

The danger is that you spend out £1,000 or £10,000 and get no leads.

The only way to safeguard is to monitor things on a day by day and week by week basis.

Telemarketing should produce leads quite quickly, within days or weeks not months or years.  If the telemarketing agency has not produced any leads after 2-3 weeks of calling (2-3 days a week) then questions should be asked.

If you would like to compare quotes from a few local telemarketing companies, just fill in the form and let us know what kind of leads you wanted them to generate for you.

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