How Much Does Sales Training Cost?

How Much Does Sales Training Cost?Compare Quotes From 5 Sales Training Companies Today

How much does sales training cost a UK company with a sales team?  Sales training is one of those things that many companies try to brush under the carpet.

Due to the recession, many businesses in the UK feel that sales training is a luxury and the sales manager will just as good a job as a trainer to motivate and inspire the troops.

However, are the sales staff getting the best sales techniques. Are they learning about objection handling, are they learning important negotiation skills?

Why Is Sales Training Important

Sales training is all about training and equipping, it is more than just motivating sales staff, or reminding them that if they do not sell that they are out.

Would a general send a platoon into battle without proper training and equipment? Maybe in years gone by, but in today’s military, troops would be given proper training and supplies for the mission.

Sales training is needed in order to ensure that each sales person is able to sell your products or services to your customers.

How Much Does Sales Training Cost?

Sales training prices do vary from agency to agency, depending on their experience, their overheads and their profit margins.

A sole trader sales trainer (maybe an ex sales manager that has decided to get out of the rat race) may charge £500 a day for training a sales team of 6 people.

A large training company may charge up to £1,000 a day for training of a sales team.

Sales training prices do vary, so it is wise to shop around and get an idea of prices before making a decision.

What Do Sales Training Companies Do?

Sales training companies will offer training on a whole range of training topics (objection handling, lead generation, questioning skills, communication skills etc.) to meet most business requirements.

Smaller sales trainers may not have the resources or skills for certain selling topics, so shopping around is wise to find the best training company with the best track record.

Why Compare Sales Training Companies?

There are around 200 sales training companies in the UK, ranging from one man bands up to large training companies with large offices.

A quick search online will bring up millions of pages; which is why we aim to help you getting quotes.  It is wise to shop around and get the best training company for the best price (and able to offer the best track record of experience and success).

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