Objection Handling

Objection HandlingObjection Handling – A Key Sales Skill

One of the most important skills a sales training company can teach is effective objection handling.

Many sales people shy away from objections as they are scared of them.

However this is a little like sweeping the dust in a room under the furniture. 

The dust is still there and it will continue to build unless it is dealt with.  

Objection handling is one of the core selling skills and is essential in the selling process.

Objections need to be handled, tacked and overcome; ignoring objections will normally cost you the sale.

The key is knowing your product and knowing the common objections that may arise. 

This is something that should be covered in your company training; so that you are properly equipped to handle issues that will arise during the sales process.

Sales training companies will reinforce the fact that objection handling is a natural part of the sales process.  They teach on how to confront and deal with objections in a calm and professional manor.

Key Things To Consider

  • Realise that objections will come up and need to be handled
  • Try to bring up the objections early in the sales process so they are dealt with early
  • Do not show fear if an objection comes up – fear is infections and could kill the sale
  • Know your market inside and out – so you can tackle any objection
  • Role play

Many sales training companies reinforce what we already know deep down. 

Most of the time we are so involved in the process, we can miss the foundations and fundamental things that can make the difference.

On a sales training course, candidates will do role play, however it is important to continue to practice this when you are back in the office. Managers need to encourage this, practice and re-practice.  

Maybe management training courses is something that need to be considered? We can all pick up bad habits and these may be what is holding you back in the sales process. 

By doing group role play you can help each other iron out issues that may make the difference between a yes or a no. 

If you do not have a team, then using a friend or a family member to run through role play exercises will be fine.

Role play is practicing and sales does need to be practiced.  The more you practice, the more you will learn and the better you will become.

Compare Multiple Prices

How much does sales training cost and why do prices vary?

Shopping and and comparing sales training prices is essential these days.  

Sales training companies are all independent, they set their own fees, therefore all will vary significantly.  

As any price comparison website, we want to ensure you get the best sales trainer, for the lowest price.  

Rather than spending time on google looking for agencies to help with objection handling, let us help.  

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