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Sales Training PricesCompare Sales Training Prices

Sales training prices vary from the 150 sales training agencies around the UK that offer both open and closed courses.

This being the case there is the need to be very selective and choose the right agency fot your business.

Sales training prices vary from each agency based on their experience and profit margins.

Open Sales Training Courses

Open courses would involve the sales training agency hiring a room at a hotel or conference centre, and opening the course up to whatever businesses want to attend.  

Normally this would be 3-6 months before the course is run so as to get enough attendees.

Sales training prices for open courses vary considerably depending on the training company.

Delegates will learn selling skills as part of group training.  Techniques such as closing skills, questioning skills and objection handling can all be learned in group roll play.

Open courses are great for ‘generic sales training’ to be done.  This teaches the ‘maths of selling’ in a step by step way.

Certainly comparing sales training prices during tough credit crunch times is important right?

Closed Sales Training Courses

Closed courses are based on training companies offering training just to you at your offices or their offices.  

These are ideal for teaching your sales team specific selling techniques.  Integrating selling skills in with your companies products and services.  

Sales training courses are tailored to your needs (as opposed to open courses which are more generic).

Some training companies will use conference facilities all around the country from major cities such as London or Birmingham to other less major cities whereby delegates can easily travel to.

Sales training prices are normally based around the ‘level’ of the course and the type of trainer.

For a basic level, a course could be priced at around £245 per delegate per day.
For more senior staff, a course could be around £945 per day.

Many sales training companies offer in-house management training courses.  

This would be based around a flat fee for the session (as opposed to per delegate) and would range from around £3,000 per day upwards.  

This would also be depending on the level of delegates they are being worked with. Some sales training companies offer one to one sessions whereby specific issues can be addressed.

These sessions are based on day rates of around £800 upwards.

As there are so many sales trainers in the UK it is always good to compare a few quotes in order to find the best training company offering the best cost vs value.

Compare Sales Training Prices

In a world of price comparison, shopping around for quotes has become normal  Sales training prices are really no different.  

All sales training companies are independent companies.  

It is therefore essential to compare prices.  

Don’t spend time going through countless websites on google, just fill in the form and let us do the work to help you find sales training prices to compare.

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