How Much Does SEO Cost?

How Much Does SEO Cost?How Much Does Search Engine Optimisation Cost?

Any business with a website asks the question how much does SEO cost.  Every business website wants to appear on page 1 of Google.

However only 1 website for any search phrase does.

How much will it cost to get your website to appear on page 1 for your main search phrase?

Every business is different and every industry sector is different, therefore search engine optimisation costs will vary considerably.

For example, if you are a small engineering company in Brighton and offer laser cutting services, for you to appear in local Google searches for ‘laser cutting in Brighton’ will not cost a great deal.

Compare this to a national recruitment agency, they will need to spend a lot more on SEO to appear for national job searches.

Lead generation strategies for startups and small businesses does need to include SEO, since their websites will be at the very bottom of the search results.

So depending on what your are looking for your SEO costs will vary.  Also depending on whether you need onsite SEO or offsite SEO and how much is needed.

Search Engines Are Evolving

The main search engine is Google, which gets around 90% of the internet searches globally.

The algorithm that Google uses is constantly changing, adapting as new websites come onto the internet and websites continue to grow.

SEO companies can manipulate search results so that you appear higher, which is something that Google is adapting it’s algorithm for.

SEO companies use lnikbuilding tools like Moz and SEM Rush to build links to your website.

The idea being that each link counts like a vote.  The more votes you have, the more trustworthy your website is in the search engines eyes.  But not all websites are equal, getting links for high domain authority websites count a lot more than one that is just a website directory.

This is a question asked by many businesses in the UK, and the answer is actually very simple:

Optimisation Prices Vary

What all websites need is SEO, getting you onto page 1 of the search engines.

There are a few different factors that effect the prices of SEO, and these are as follows:

How much work is required?  What kind of optimisation is needed (onsite/offsite).  What kind of keywords are being targeted? What optimisation agency is selected!

Lets have a look at each of these four points briefly:

How Much Work Is Required

All websites are different, and companies that are in highly competitive industries will require more optimisation work than others to rank well.

For example, a Chinese restaurant in Basingstoke will require less optimisation work than a national hotel.

Therefore the optimisation costs for the hotel will be a lot higher, as more work is required to rank high for the required keywords.

We have put together some SEO advice that may cover some of this.

What Kind Of Optimisation Is Needed

There are two kinds of optimisation work, onsite and offsite.

  • Onsite work has to do with how the website is set up, the keywords on the title of each page, the way the content is presented, the articles and blog posts etc.
  • Offsite optimisation has to do with what links the website has from external websites. Search engines look at the ‘popularity’ of a website. So a sports website that has links from sports media, sports blogs, sports news websites, will be considered relevant.

Your social media footprint is also factored in.

When social media websites first started around 2004, search engines paid little to no attention to them.  However social media platforms are massive with posts being made every minute around the world.

Since then, search engines factor in how much of a social media footprint your website has.  How often is your websites tweeted?

What are others saying about your website on social media and review websites?

Search engines consider both onsite and offsite work when they rank a website. Both onsite and offsite optimisation need to be good and tick the right boxes, also a good balance of onsite content vs inbound links.

What Kind Of Keywords Are Being Targeted

Some keywords are very competitive (such as ‘car insurance’ or ‘bank loans’) and therefore will require a lot of work in order to gain good website visability.

Some keywords are not competitive (such as ‘carpet cleaning in Hook Hampshire’) and therefore ranking high for them will be quick.

If your business/website is in a competitive industry such as car insurance, recruitment or marketing, then you are going to face a challenge more so than if you were a florist in a small town like Market Weighton in Yorkshire.

What SEO Agency Is Selected

All web optimisation companies are different, and each has different levels of expertise.

All SEO companies are privately owned and therefore have their own rates and profit margins.  Choosing an SEO expert that is experienced, knows your industry and can produce results is not easy and requires comparing to be done.

An SEO company in central London will charge you a lot more than an SEO company in Liverpool.  This is down to their staff costs and office rental costs.

Freelancers will charge a lot less than agencies but do they have the SEO knowledge and experience?

Compare Multiple Quotes

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