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There are over 20 marketing companies in Gateshead, mainly smaller agencies as all the larger marketing companies are in Newcastle.

Gateshead college is always producing new creative marketing talent.

Many of these agencies are quite small and many are new, however we do advise keeping things local where possible.

As a price comparison website, we want to help you get quotes from a few marketing companies in Gateshead that know your industry sector.  Just fill in the form opposite.

The Need For Industry Experience

When considering using a marketing agency, we do advise using one that has worked in your sector before.

This can be done by having a look through the agencies portfolio, however maybe not all clients will be listed.

We can help, by putting you in touch with marketing companies in Gateshead that know your market.

If you are a medical business, why work with an agency that has 90% of their clients in fashion?

If they know your market, they should be able to get you better results, quicker.  There should also be less of a learning curve as they don’t need to learn about your market, your competitors or industry jargon.

All industry sectors are different, all work in different ways, especially after COVID-19.

A Meeting Would Be Useful

Another reason for working with a marketing agency in Gateshead rather than in London or Germany is the ability to have a meeting.  Zoom meetings are popular since lockdown, but a face to face meeting will be more useful.

You can meet the agencies staff, meet your account manager, chat about sector experience or shared contacts.

A big part of marketing is your website.  There are many web designers in Newcastle that can offer advice and support to keep your website looking modern.

If you need media support, there are a number of PR agencies in Gateshead that they may be able to work with.  PR is a powerful marketing tool and many marketing companies do not have this resource in house.

Many agencies make claims on their websites such as being ‘award winning’ or a Google Premier Partner.  A meeting gives you the chance to check out these claims to ensure it is not just marketing waffle.

There is also the opportunity of doing follow up meetings, review meetings to discuss their progress.

Compare Marketing Prices

We would encourage you to compare marketing prices, for the simple reason that there is no industry standard.

All agencies set their own rates, which will vary based on their overheads, staff costs and profit margins.

You could ask two different agencies to quote you, and the prices would be hundreds of pounds a month apart, maybe thousands.

Remember that marketing is not like insurance, there are no standard rates.  The cheapest agency is not always the best choice, however you do not get what you pay for.

We want to help you find the best marketing agency in Gateshead (or close by) to work with, for the best price.

Just fill in the form, and we will do the rest.

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