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There are over 15 PR agencies in Gateshead, most of which are freelancers working from home, and smaller firms working from rented offices around the town. 

There are around 10 marketing companies in town offering public relations services, but this is part of a broader package of marketing.  Services such as inclusion of branding and web design services, for companies that need greater marketing support.

 In addition there are several PR agencies in Gateshead that deal with specific market sectors.  If you needed web support, there are a large number of web design agencies in Gateshead that can help.

There are also a number of marketing agencies in Gateshead, that offer PR as part of a broader range of services.

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Choosing A Local Agency

There are over a hundred PR agencies in Newcastle and Tyneside making it difficult to find the right one. So where do you start, how do you find the right firm:

  • Do you choose someone local?
  • What about media experience?
  • What about a recommendation?
  • Does size effect PR?
  • What about cost?

Most businesses given the choice would prefer to work with a local agency whenever possible.  So as to enjoy meetings on a human level, rather than electronically.  

As there are quite a few companies locally to choose from, there are enough to compare. Experience is possibly the defining factor to influence results.  

Selecting an agency that has worked in your industry, knows your competitors, has already developed contacts in relevant media, can result in effective PR that is targeted. Many companies/people believe that going with a recommendation is good.  Indeed a lot of marketing companies base their sales on recommendations.  

But just because a firm has worked well for a friend, does not mean they will do so with you.  They may not understand your product/service or know the media publications you wish to target.  They will indeed be glad to help and may work hard, but not work as effectively as an agency that has already worked in your industry.

The size of the agency does not really determine how effective the campaign is.  However if you are a global business, then talking to a firm that has a global reach is wise.  Likewise, if you are a new business, then talking to a small bespoke agency is the best course to follow.

Compare Prices For Public Relations

There are no standard PR prices and firms vary in what they will charge depending on their overheads, staff salaries and charging structure.  As well as other factors such as expertise and the type of campaign. To obtain free advice and several quotes from local PR agencies in Gateshead just complete our form.

A Few Words About Gateshead

It is in Tyne and Wear with a population of around a hundred thousand (according to government stats).  

The first record of the town was in reference to the Abbot of Gateshead in 623 AD. In 1068, the year the Domesday Book was written,

William the Conqueror defeated King Edgar and King Malcolm of Scotland on Gateshead Fell.

Gateshead has a history of coal mining, in fact the earliest records of coal mining date from 1344, right up until the coal industry declined under the Thatcher government.  

In 1854, there was a terrific explosion and fire on the  side of the river, as the town and Newcastle are at opposite sides of the River Tyne, which destroyed much of the Medieval city.

Today it is well known for the Metro Centre, which is the largest shopping centre in Europe.

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