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There are over 1,000 marketing agencies in Kent, from freelancers working from home, to award winning full service marketing agencies.

There are hundreds of website designers, PPC agencies, digital marketing companies as well as more traditional marketing.

The difficulty is finding the ‘right’ agency for your business.  Do you use a small agency or freelancer?  Do you use an award winning agency?  Why choose a Google Partner or award winning agency?

These are all questions you will face, and where we at Marketing Quotes can help you.

Just fill in the form and we will get you a few quotes from marketing companies in Kent that know your industry sector.

Selecting The Right Size Agency For Your Business

If your business is a startup company, working with a smaller agency may be a good option, as they are likely to be cheaper than a larger better established agency.  However they may not have the experience you need in order for your marketing to be successful.

This is why shopping around and comparing quotes is important, in order to find the best agency that can produce results.

Consider What Marketing Support You Need

If you need a website created, then talking to website designers in Kent is important.  However what other marketing support might you need?

All websites need to be found , therefore talking with some SEO companies in Kent might be necessary.

Any company that has a website needs marketing support for the site to be effective.  This would be considered internet marketing, to ensure people are finding the website and engaging on it.

Do you use a separate internet marketing company, or do you choose a web designer that also has internet marketing resources.

It makes sense to use one agency to handle all your marketing where possible rather than using 2 or 3 different agencies.

Consider Industry Experience

Choosing a marketing company in Kent that knows your industry is wise, and something we do encourage.

They should know more about your business, about the challenges that your business faces, and how your competitors are doing.

If you are a shop, choosing an agency that has experience in marketing for the retail industry is wise.

This is something we can help you with, by getting you quotes from local marketing agencies in Kent that know your industry sector.

Remember To Be Social

Whether we like it or not, social media is pretty much at the forefront of marketing in the digital world.

Many of the marketing agencies in Kent are involved with marketing on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter,  both for paid and free submissions.

The best thing about social media marketing is that it is free of charge.  It costs nothing to film a Tik Tok, whether you are promoting your services, or doing a silly dance.

However if you are looking to utilise social media as part of your marketing efforts, it is wise to factor this into your overall marketing strategy.

Meeting Local Marketing Agencies

Many marketing companies in Kent boast award winning status, or being the UK’s top marketing company.  Many are Google Partners, and have a badge on their website.

We at Marketing Quotes feel that it is important to meet with an agency, to check whether the claims on their websites are true or whether it is just marketing talk.

A meeting also ensures that they are 100% focused on your campaign, and able to understand your specific needs.

Review meetings are also wise, to ensure that the agency is performing and producing you results.

This is the benefit of using someone local rather than someone who is hundreds of miles away, or even based in another country.

Compare Multiple Marketing Quotes

There is no standard rate when it comes to marketing, any form of marketing.

All marketing agencies in Kent set their own rates, therefore prices will vary considerably.

In addition, new creatives spring up from Kent University, an agency with no experience cannot really charge a high monthly cost.

You do not get what you pay for when it comes to marketing, the most expensive marketing agency in Kent is not necessarily going to be the best.  On the other hand, going with the cheapest quote is not what is best.

Pretty much all marketing companies will showcase their clients, normally well known brands such as Disney or Coca Cola.  Very few agencies will list freelancers or small companies on their websites, it is all about making them look good and the agency to work with.

We want to help you find the right marketing agency in Kent for you.  Not just in terms of marketing services, but also the chemistry.  An agency that is reasonably priced, you feel comfortable talking with, and have good chemistry with.  Most importantly, an agency that can get you results.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from a few local marketing companies in Kent that know your industry sector.

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