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There are over 50 PPC agencies in Birmingham, ranging from freelancers working from home, to established marketing agencies in Birmingham that offer PPC as part of a range of services.

The challenge is finding the best agency for your particular business since all PPC companies are unique and independent.

This is where we at Marketing Quotes can help, by getting you quotes from a few local PPC companies in Birmingham that know your industry sector.

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Some Points To Consider

We do advise using a PPC company in Birmingham rather than trying to navigate Adwords yourself.

Google’s advertising program has evolved and become much more complicated with it’s features than when it first started back in the early day’s of the internet.

Some points to consider:

  • Split testing – Split testing different advertising campaigns and keywords is wise.
  • Landing Page – Sending website visitors to dedicated landing pages is wise rather than your homepage.
  • Set Locations – Choosing locations of website visitors is wise, as local is always best.
  • Set Timings – Do you need your adverts to run 24hrs a day?
  • Set Keywords – Everyone will search with different keywords, so use ‘exact match’ and ‘broad match’ wisely.

These are all things any good PPC agency in Birmingham should be able to advise you on.  Just because the agency has won awards does not give a guarantee of quality.

Local Is Best

The main advantage of using a local pay per click agency is the ability to meet with them.  Even if you do not actually meet, there is a confidence that you will have that should anything go wrong, you can pop over.

A question, would you feel comfortable using an agency hundreds of miles away?  Would you feel comfortable paying hundreds of thousands of pounds to someone you will never meet?

We feel that agencies are more likely to achieve for you if they have met with you, and are due to meet with you to review their progress.

The Benefits Of A Face To Face Meeting

You do not want to be ‘just another customer’ but their most important customer.  A meeting gives you the chance to meet your account manager and put together a marketing strategy.

You can sit down with the PPC team and look into your Google Analytics together.  You can have a look at Search Console to see how things currently stand.  This should help you understand what they need to do for you and how you can work together.

The best solution is if you work with them as a marketing partner, rather than ‘just another agency’.

Review meetings are also good, as it gives you a chance to assess their performance.

Are they getting you results?  Are you seeing ROI?

Chemistry Is Important

How well do you get on with the PPC agency?

We feel that chemistry does play a big part in agency selection.  This is why meeting with them is so helpful, as it gives you a chance to see their offices, get a sense of how they work etc.

You should have that ‘gut feel’ when talking to them or better still meeting with them.

Experience Is Important

Industry experience is important, as they need to know your sector and how it works.

All industries are different, retail works in a different way to the medical sector, and other sectors.

All PPC companies in Birmingham will have a varied track record, based on the clients they have worked with.  Looking over their ‘client lists’ is wise, as it should give you a feel for their background, however not all agencies put everything on their websites.

You can discuss their industry knowledge at the meeting, find out what they know about your business and your competitors.  If they know your sector, they will have a better idea of what what keywords to target in your PPC campaign, both long tail and short tail.

How long has the agency been established?  Are they a new agency, set up by an ex Google Adwords pro that has decided to go it alone?  Are they an established agency that has 10 years of experience?

We do feel working with an experienced PPC agency is best, one that knows how pay per click works and monitors the changes and updates that are due to happen.

Compare Multiple PPC Quotes

All PPC agencies in Birmingham are independent, all set their own monthly rates.

With marketing, you do not get what you pay for.  The most expensive agency is not necessarily the best, however neither is going with the cheapest agency because they are the cheapest.

We at Marketing Quotes feel that selecting a marketing agency in Birmingham needs to be based on their experience, chemistry and price.

Just fill in the form and we will help you get a few quotes from local PPC agencies in Birmingham that know your industry sector.

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