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Landing PageConsider Your Landing Page For Visitors

Consider your web visitors coming to your website on any page, the landing page they come onto has to create an impact and generate a result.  You need to consider who your target visitor is.  If you are a florist, your visitor will be different to a visitor on a pet supplier website.  Your landing page needs to be relevant to your ideal visitor. You will get visitors mainly from search engines like Google & Bing.

Seasonal Landing Page Designs

One thing that has been incorporated into many a website is a seasonal twist.  If it is St Patricks day, a 4 leaved clover has been used.  If it is Christmas, a Santa Clause or a snow theme has been used.  Having seasonal landing pages does communicate something very important, that the website is current and up to date.

Dangers Of Poor Designs

You will know if you have a poor landing page, you will not get many enquiries through it and you will have a high ‘bounce rate’.  This means you will find that people come and then leave without navigating through the website.  This could be caused by a number of reasons:

  • Wrong Colour

Believe it or not, colour plays an important part with a website.  Again, depending on who your visitor is, different colours work and some do not,

  • Font

If you have a bad choice of font, then you could be sailing close to the wind.  New fonts from the 1990’s that were modern and funky look dated these days.  Consider what fonts you are using on your landing page.

  • Copy

What content do you have on your website?  Is it engaging?  Is it spelled correctly?  Is it well laid out?  Most people do not read a web page in detail, they scan it.  Most people are drawn to errors, spelling mistakes or incorrect phrasing.  Consider using a copywriter to look through your website in depth.

  • Pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words they say.  Are you using pictures on all your pages?  Do you need to?  What are your pictures like?  Are they impacting?  Are they relevant?

Comare Quotes

We do encourage getting all these issues looked at, by a website designer and a copywriting company.  Just fill in the form to get quotes.

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