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SEO For ArchitectsCompare Quotes On Search Engine Optimisation For Architectural Websites

If your architectural practice is not getting enough website visitors, why not talk to local SEO companies that do SEO for architects? 

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Do Architects Need Website Optimisation?

The UK has thousands of architects, ranging from the large architects (such as Fosters & Partners) down to a freelancer that works from home many linked to RIBA.  As such the competition is high for internet position. 

The large architectural practices will get SEO for architects websites as a matter of course.

Architects only have a few search phrases/keywords they wish to be found for (‘architect’, ‘architects in London’ etc.).  So the race is on as to who can get onto page 1 for their specific chosen keywords and ensure that they stay there.

Generally it is the larger companies that have bigger budgets for optimisation work, but the internet is a fickle place. 

Key in ‘architect’ into a search engine and the first page is a variety of results from ‘Wikipedia’, architects courses, architects clubs and a couple of random architectural practices.  Therefore the need for architects to go after more specific keywords/search phrases is required.

SEO for architects is all about being found on the internet locally.  A website that has a high number of ‘natural visitors’ and is a great way for the website for the architect to be successful.

Choosing An Optimisation Company

Architects face the difficulty that there are tens of thousands of SEO companies around.  Many based in the UK offering ‘award winning services’ and many overseas (in India, USA etc.) that are offering ‘cheap SEO. 

SEO is not a service that can be rushed into, it can take time, hard work and trust. For architects, it is wise to use a local search company, and preferably one that knows about marketing for architects

SEO for architects does require a level of knowledge about the architectural sector.  Knowledge of who the key players are, how the architectural sector is made up, and what the competitors are doing.

Meeting up with an search engine optimisation company is not exactly necessary, however will be helpful in the flow of understanding. 

Many search companies like to work at a distance, so they can squeeze in more clients.  However architects need to get value for money therefore pushing for a meeting will ensure that more focus is given. 

When meeting an optimisation agency, talking through what SEO for architects they have done before can be done.

Compare Prices

All optimisation companies are privately owned businesses, set up to serve clients, but primarily to grow and generate profits. 

The directors want nice cars, houses, holidays, lots of staff and nice offices; this is all paid for from the profits that they generate from optimisation work.  

Just because the agency claims to be google approved does not mean they can generate you the results you need. For this reason, shopping around and comparing SEO prices is necessary in order to avoid overpaying someone and adding to their profit margins.

Finding a good search company that can achieve results quickly is important, and getting it for the best price possible is even better.

For free advice and quotes from search companies that can offer SEO for architects, just fill in the form above.

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