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SEO For BanksCould Your Banking Website Benefit From Search Engine Optimisation?

If your bank does not get enough website visitors, why not talk to an SEO agency that does SEO for banks? 

Just fill in the form to get quotes and advice from search engine optimisation experts that know about SEO for banks websites.

Do You Really Need Optimisation Support

Banking websites are at the end of the day, competitive businesses against all other banks, building societies and financial businesses that are competitive against them.

All banks are in the position whereby they aim to attract customers to them and keep them.  

From Santander, TSB, HSBC all are trying to attract young people to come, and to stay.

Generally speaking banks do target the young (and students) with offers such as:

  • Open up an account today and receive £100 free
  • Open up an account today and receive 2 free cinema tickets
  • Open up an account today and get a free overdraft for £2,000

If anyone does an internet search for:

  • Banks
  • Student Banks
  • Building Society

These are the search phrases that banks do target (among with many others) in order to attract new visitors.

Who Are The Main Players?

The main banks that are using optimisation in order to attract new prospects (high street banks, not commercial, business, international clearing banks etc.) would be:

  • Halifax
  • HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation) – They have 1527 subsidiaries in Tax Havens)
  • HBOS (Lloyds Banking Group)  – They have 1524 subsidiaries in Tax Havens)
  • Natwest
  • Barclays (They have 1069 subsidiaries  in Tax Havens)
  • RBS (Royal Bank Of Scotland) – 1303 subsidiaries in Tax Havens)

The main banks are using optimisation services in order to gain internet visibility to draw in new customers (both domestic and commercial).

SEO For Banks

The best sort of optimisation companies for banks to use would be SEO companies that have worked for banks in the past.  

If a bank uses an SEO agency that has clients spanning the leisure and engineering sector, what could they offer?

There are thousands of ‘search engine optimisation experts’ around the UK.  There are larger optimisation businesses that charge hefty sums each month for their services.  

There are smaller search one man bands that offer a much more targeted hands on approach.  There are search engine optimisation companies in India offering guaranteed SEO for $50 per month. 

Therefore selecting SEO for banks websites needs to be done carefully.

The best advice for banks is to select an SEO company that has experience in doing SEO work for banks.

Social Media

Many are jumping on the social media band-wagon for a couple of reasaons:

  • Keeping in touch with customers on social media helps build bridges
  • SEO – Social media does help with search
  • Marketing – Social media is part and pacrel of the marketing arsenal.

Banks have found that social media is a great way to reach out and connect to customers, to come alongside and interact with their clients.

Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are good sites for banks to use and in some cases they have dedicated departments to monitor social media sites.  Just in case customers are saying bad things – they can react and ensure that their profile remains positive.

Compare Quotes Today

Banks and financial institutions (as one would expect) do want to get value for money from their optimisation input and do look for the best price.  

SEO prices do vary, so it is wise for banks to shop around.  SEO for banks is necessary, from the right expert.

Shopping around and comparing quotes is common in today’s society therefore comparing prices and getting good value for money is something that banks are hot on.

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