SEO For Security Companies

SEO For Security CompaniesDoes Your Security Business Need Search Engine Optimisation Support

If your security website does not get enough visitors, why not talk to agencies about doing SEO for security companies?

The security industry is highly competitive, so being found online is essential.  

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Do Security Companies Need Optimisation

The industry is a wide and diverse one.  Ranging from electronics security companies (CCTV), mobile security companies (such as armed guards for private houses), government agencies (such as MI6) and everything in-between.  

All with websites and all needing to be found on the internet.  SEO for security companies is essential, even if you are GCHQ.

Due to the specialist nature of some areas of the security sector, some prefer to keep website development and optimisation work in house.  Rather than outsourcing it to a specialist agency.  

But some will outsource work to search engine optimisation experts.  SEO for security companies is therefore important.

SEO is all about websites being found in the natural/organic results of search engines.  As opposed to the paid adverts on the side which most internet users trust and visit.

Being found naturally for relevant search terms is difficult for many security businesses due to the way that the internet works.  The way that search engines read and rate websites plus the competition from other security companies.

Therefore SEO for security companies is an essential marketing activity for any security company.  Whether selling into the commercial world, or whether they are a government agency.

The Diversity Of The Industry In The UK

The sector is quite a broad and diverse sector including some companies that fall into the following sub sectors:

  • CCTV (manufacture, retail, installation, service, monitoring)
  • Mobile (office security, armed guards, mobile patrols)
  • Dog guarding
  • Corporate Security
  • Industrial
  • Private
  • Fire Alarms (installation, monitoring, service)
  • Government Agencies
  • Armed Guards/Armored Trucks

Each sub sector has hundreds of businesses within it, making the security sector broad and diverse.  

Standing out in this crowd is essential, SEO for security companies is therefore essential.

Choosing A Search Expert

The issue that many security companies face is that there are thousands of SEO companies to choose from.  Freelancers, top London search engine optimisation companies, and everything in-between.

Selecting the right agency is difficult as they all appear to be award winning and offering great results.

It is advised to select an agency that does have experience in the security industry.  An agency that knows about security marketing and has existing clients in their portfolio that are in the security sector.  

If they have done SEO for security companies websites, they should have them in their portfolio.

By looking through an SEO companies portfolio, this should give a feel for the kind of experience they have in the security industry.  A meeting is even better, to chat through specific knowledge and experience.

Compare Prices

All search optimisation companies charge different fees, normally the larger the optimisation firm, the more they will charge (as they have larger offices, higher profit margins, more staff etc.).  Freelancers normally are more affordable (as they have lower overheads) but may be less skilled and have less experience.

Shopping around and comparing SEO prices and quotes is very wise.  The cheapest SEO company does not make them the best, as choosing an agency needs to be done on their knowledge of the sector. Their skills in search and how long they have been running.

If you are interested in more advice or quotes on search, just fill in the form.

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