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Compare Quotes On Marketing For Security ServicesWould Marketing For Your Security Company Help?

Marketing for security services is very important, and takes a unique approach to other industry sectors.  

Many security firms handle marketing internally, but some is sent to external companies.  

As with any marketing, standing out as a security service is important.

Your marketing is what drives recruitment, as the people in your agency are your main asset.  Finding the right staff is important, whether it is linguistics, technical, managerial or front line staff.

The world of security is very different to the James Bond we all grew up with, but marketing drives your business forwards in attracting the right staff.

Just fill in the form to talk to a few marketing agencies that know the security sector

UK Security Industry

The UK has three main security agencies:

  • MI5 – Responsible for UK and commonwealth security
  • MI6 (SIS) – Responsible for overseas security in non UK nations
  • GCHQ – Responsible for codes and ciphers/cyber terrorism (used to be named MI1 during the war)
  • G4S – Private Security Company

The security industry has been affected by the credit crunch and as such is set to have its budget cut by 11.3% from its current £2.1 billion. 

As such there will need to be a 10% reduction across the board, spanning jobs, energy, technology, salaries, bonuses, marketing, travel etc.

This is of major concern to senior intelligence staff, as key people are being lost to the commercial work due to the salaries being 3-4 times what they get paid by defence agencies. 

The ICS (The Intelligence and Security Committee) was set up in 1994 in order to oversee the three security services and monitor policies, admin and expenditure.  

Marketing for security services is not just essential but of national importance. The sector is becoming more visible in the public arena as the service has been modernised since its formation in 1909.

Dynamic Websites

All security companies have high tech websites that are highly informative about censored information. 

Each website is managed internally by internal security staff (handling design, security, updates and remote access).

Regards design, many will use internal website designers for the job, or a website designer with security experience in order to help with the design and development side of the website.  

Website design is a big part of marketing for security services.

Having a dynamic website is good, as it allows your website to adapt to the latest software updates for smartphones.

SEO For Your Website

Every company that is involved in the security industry uses SEO services.  

Whether in house or expternally SEO for the security sector is very important for firms to be found on the web.

Many internet users prefer the results that search engines display (rather than the adverts (PPC) that are brought up on the sides of SERP’s).  SEO is a big part of marketing for security services.

Paid Advertising

For many security services, SEO is not enough, as there are only 10 companies that can get onto page 1; so therefore paid advertising to get onto page 1 becomes a necessity.

PPC advertising is mainly used for recruitment, to find the best personal to protect our country. There are hundreds of PPC companies that have security sector experience in the UK, and these are the ones for companies to talk to about a PPC campaign.


All areas of the security sector use a wide variety of corporate brochures, letterheads, printed material and marketing materials. 

Most of this would be designed and produced by commercial design agencies from the UK.  Brochures play an important part of marketing for security services.

Public Relations And The Media

Public relations plays a big part in the security sector these days with regards to the media attention they now receive.  

The media is a very powerful tool, so PR for security companies is important in how it is handled.

A quick internet search in the news section will show that the security services are always in the news, some press releases coming from the agency and some from main news websites like the Daily Mail.


Many security sectors due to the recession have started using proactive forms of marketing such as telemarketing for security companies in order to handle calls. 

Telemarketing can be used both for handling inbound calls and outbound calling (for lead generation).

Social Media

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter are popular with security services, both for recruitment and for keeping people up to date.

All security services will handle their own marketing but may well outsource projects to trusted marketing companies that have been vetted.

Compare Marketing Costs

It is wise to talk to a few marketing agencies in order to review different proposals and costs.

All marketing companies in the UK are different.  It is not about comparing quotes to find you the cheapest agency, it is about helping you find the ‘right’ marketing partner.

Marketing for security services does not need to be expensive, just fill in the form to compare.

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