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SEO For Travel AgentsCompare Quotes On SEO For Your Travel Agent

SEO for travel agents is essential, since more or less everyone uses the internet to book holidays.  

If your travel website needs optimised, why not get advice from web optimisation companies that have experience in doing SEO for travel websites?  

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from expert agencies that can do SEO for travel agents.

Do Travel Agents Need Optimisation Work?

SEO for travel agents is all about getting websites more visibility on the internet.  

More visibility means more visitors, which means more prospective clients booking holidays.  Whether you are Thomas Cook, Virgin Holidays or an independent with ATOL protection, SEO for travel agents is important.

For this reason, SEO plays a big part in the web strategy for travel agents.  

As all travel agents need more visitors to their websites and optimisation plays a big part in achieving this.  If a travel agent is on page 1 for search terms such as:

  • Summer Holidays
  • Travel Agents
  • Cheap Holidays
  • Spanish Holidays
  • Holidays in USA

Then they should get lots of visitors and hopefully lots of bookings.

The problem however is that all other travel agents (in the UK and outside the UK) are doing the same thing.  

Trying to get their own websites onto page 1 for all the search terms and keywords they wish to be found for.  

There are only 10 places on page 1 for holiday phrases, so the race is on to get to the top and stay there.

Choosing An Optimisation Company For A Travel Agent

From the many thousands of website optimisation companies around the UK travel agents face the difficulty of who to select.  

Many optimisation companies claim ‘the UK’s top SEO firm’ and ‘award winning SEO’ and offer guarantees to get companies onto page 1.  

Foreign optimisation companies are also marketing into the UK offering ‘cheap optimisation’ and ‘affordable link building’ again, making it hard to decide who to use.

It is wise to select an web optimisation company that has experience in working with travel agents, one that knows about marketing for travel agents.  

Selecting an SEO firm that has (successfully) worked with travel agents in the past should ensure that they know what they are doing, know the travel industry and your competitors.

The agency should have a portfolio that shows the kind of clients that they have worked with, or the industries they have SEO knowledge of.  

So it is a case of selecting one that has travel agents in their list.  

Meeting an optimisation agency is not necessary, but would be helpful in ensuring that they understand your business inside and out.  Plus to give you a feel for exactly what they will be doing to get your site higher on the web.

Compare Prices Today

All optimisation companies charge different fees, based on their size and their experience.  Larger agencies will have more overheads, higher profit margins, bigger offices than freelancers.  Therefore they will charge more.

This is not to say a larger firm is better, just more expensive.

A good optimisation company knows they are good, and therefore charges a premium for their services (as they know they can deliver).  But a new search optimisation firm may charge a very low fee as they are just starting out and want to build their portfolio.

Shopping around is wise, as all optimisation companies are in business to make money.  SEO prices do vary considerably – so shopping around is a wise piece of advice.

Comparing quotes from 3-4 different agencies with experience in working with travel agents should allow you to select the best one.

For free advice and quotes from optimisation companies that have experience in doing SEO in the travel sector, just fill in the form above.

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